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Corporate Spotlight

Kopore Metals Limited is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:KMT), actively exploring and drilling its copper-silver projects on the emerging world class Kalahari Copper Belt, across the Republics of Botswana and Namibia.
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ASX Announcement 11 February 2019 


  • Two copper and nickel soil anomalies identified coincident to the interpreted Ngwako Pan/D’Kar Formation geological contact on Kopore’s Botswana Virgo licences. 
  • PL135/2017 copper-nickel soil anomaly extends across 3km in strike length and interpreted to overlay the southern end of an identified dome straddling the anticlinal axis, and coincident with the D’Kar/Ngwako Pan Formations contact approximately 14km south west of the Cupric Canyon Zone 5 Copper Project. 
  • PL162/2017 soil anomaly extends 2.5km along the D’Kar/Ngwako Pan Formations contact, approximately 38km south west of the Cupric Canyon Zone 5 Copper Project. 
  • Virgo soil sampling program completed over a combined area of 28.3km2 for a total of 326 samples. 
  • The Company has commenced the project brief document for submission to the Botswana Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA).

Kopore Metals Limited (“Kopore” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that initial soil geochemical sampling results from its Virgo group of licences in Botswana have identified two coherent copper-nickel in soils anomalies, coincident to the interpreted Ngwako Pan/D’Kar Formation(s) geological contact (Figures 1 and 2).

Managing Director Grant Ferguson stated: 

“The Virgo Group soil anomalies lie within and adjacent to the highly prospective Central Structural Corridor and within 50km of the Zone 5 and Banana Zone Copper projects, known as the two largest copper projects on the Kalahari Copper Belt.

Two of our Virgo prospecting licences (PL135/2017 and PL162/2017) have started to demonstrate their potential for anomalous copper mineralisation, and we will be actively exploring these two prospects. The Company intends to assess the prospectivity of the two other untested licences and update the market in due course.” 

The copper-nickel soil anomalies located on PL135/2017 and PL162/2017 are approximately 3km and 2.5km in strike length respectively. The largest of the two anomalies, located on PL135/2017, overlays an interpreted D’Kar/Ngwako Pan Formations contact, while a second more intermittent anomaly may be linked to extensional faulting around the dome edge. The large coherent anomaly on PL162/2017, also appears to overlay the interpreted D’Kar/Ngwako Pan Formations contact on the northern limb of a syncline. A smaller group of anomalous values appears to highlight the interpreted southern contact.

A further group of anomalous values overlay the interpreted synclinal axis. 

The two Virgo soil anomalies are located within 50km of the Zone 5 and Banana Zone Copper Projects, owned by Cupric Canyon and within 100km of the MOD Resources Limited (ASX:MOD) T3 Copper Project. The soil anomaly located on PL165/2017 is located within the Central Structural Corridor (Figure 3) while that on PL135/2017 is located in the adjacent southern structural corridor.

The Virgo licence group was acquired in June 2018 1 and, based upon the results for this soil sampling program, Kopore will be submitting Project Briefs to the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA).

Kopore will initiate a ground geophysical program after authorisation from the DEA followed by initial percussion and reverse circulation (RC) program upon completion and approval of the DEA’s required environmental process. 

A total of 326 soil samples were collected by Kopore and dispatched to Perth based Intertek Laboratories, for analysis by the Terra Leach method. The Terra Leach method continues to demonstrate its suitability for the Kalahari Copper Belt.

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ASX Announcement 7 February 2019 

Kopore Metals Limited (“Kopore” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that It has commenced its first ever field program in Namibia.

A team has mobilised to site and commenced a magnetotellurics (MT) ground geophysics program at the Omenye and Ongava Domes. These Domes are approximately 60km south west of the T23 discovery made in Botswana by MOD Resources Limited (ASX:MOD)1.

The program will be complete in February 2019 and upon receipt and analysis of results, drill targets will be generated, and it is anticipated that the first drilling program by the Company in Namibia will commence this quarter. 

The Omenye and Ongava Domes were identified by Kopore utilising the geological database it inherited when the Namibian prospecting licences were awarded to the Company2. Both the Omenye and Ongava Domes are on prospecting licences issued to the Company. They are not subject to the action taken against the Ministry by a third party3.

Figure 1 - Kopore Metals Limited Project Portfolio on the Kalahari Copper Belt (source: https://www.cupriccanyon.com/development-exploration/exploration and https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20181016/pdf/43z90dkfrgy792.pdf) 

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The company has identified the Kalahari Copper Belt as highly prospective with sixteen 100% owned prospecting licenses in Botswana and eight prospecting licences in neighbouring Namibia totalling 14,363 kilometres of prospects. 

With a dominant ground position on the Kalahari Copper Belt, the Company has leveraged strong neighbouring resource development to advance its own targets and believes its prospects have multiple opportunities for high-grade copper-silver discovery.

In its brief history, the company has a demonstratable record of identifying and acquiring high-quality, underexplored targets. Kopore has prioritised its exploration program, moving quickly to undertake ground and airborne electromagnetic surveys, ground geophysical and soil programs and drilling of its highest priority targets. 

As highlighted by its acquisition of its Namibian licences, the company believes strongly in the Kalahari Copper Belt and will continue to aggressively pursue regional opportunities with a fully funded exploration program including extensive drilling and soil sampling. 

The directors and management of Kopore provide strong direction with over 20 years of Australian and International technical, legal and executive roles in exploration, resource development, mining, legal and resource fields. 


Extending from Northern Botswana into Namibia, the Kalahari Copper Belt is a 1,000-kilometre-long trend of sediment-hosted, stratiform Cu-Ag deposits hosted in Meso - and Neoproterozoic rocks along the NW edge of the Kalahari Craton, they consist of folded and greenschist metamorphosed Ghanzi (Botswana) and Tsumis (Namibia) Group metasedimentary rocks.

Kopore continues to explore for stratabound copper-silver deposits across its sixteen 100% owned prospecting licenses in Botswana and eight prospecting licences in Namibia, for a total of 14,363 square kilometres on the world class Kalahari Copper Belt. Kopore believes the Kalahari Copper Belt can provide the potential for large scale discovery, as demonstrated by neighbouring resource development companies.


Kopore’s Projects are able to be advanced with the assistance of stable, mining friendly host countries. Botswana is one of Africa's most stable countries and is the continent's longest continuous multi-party democracy. As the world's largest producer of diamonds (by value) the country has been transformed it into a middle-income nation. 

Namibia has enjoyed stability since gaining independence in 1990, in 2013 Bloomberg named Namibia the top emerging market economy in Africa. According to the most recent Fraser Institute Annual Mining Survey, Botswana and Namibia are ranked #3rd and #6th respectfully for “investment attractiveness” in Africa, in addition to their highly ranked global position.


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