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Corporate Spotlight

Founded on a commitment to innovation and sustainability, EcoGraf Limited (ASX: EGR) is building a vertically integrated business to produce high purity graphite for the lithium-ion battery market.
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Interview with EcoGraf MD & CFO


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EcoGraf partners with Future Battery Industries CRC 

ASX Announcement 7 January 2020 

EcoGraf Limited (“EcoGraf” or the “Company”) (ASX: EGR) is pleased to advise it has formalised a Participant Agreement with the Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre (“FBI CRC”) based at Curtin University, Perth.

The $135 million FBI CRC aims to position Australia as a global leader in the environmentally, ethically and socially responsible manufacture, deployment, recycling and supply of batteries and battery materials by partnering with industry, research institutions and government to address industry-identified gaps in the nation’s battery industries value chain.

EcoGraf will be one of FBI CRC’s industry partners, helping to provide the technology needed to identify opportunities for greater efficiencies in battery minerals’ extraction and refinement. 

EcoGraf’s proposed development in Kwinana, Western Australia is consistent with FBI CRC goals, which aim to expand battery minerals and chemicals production and develop opportunities for manufacturing batteries in Australia.

The Company’s unique eco-friendly graphite purification technology at its planned Kwinana development will provide critical material for FBI CRC research programs. 

Significant downstream and value-adding opportunities exist within graphite supply chain markets, particularly in the manufacture of anode materials for lithium-ion batteries as customers increasingly seek alternative supplies of high quality, responsibly produced raw materials.

A video fly-through of the proposed EcoGraf facility is available to view online at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJyCHFzf4HE&feature=youtu.be.

This announcement is authorised for release by Andrew Spinks, Managing Director.

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EcoGraf Limited has successfully changed its name from Kibaran Resources Limited. 

The new name provides clear brand recognition to provide customers with competitively priced and responsibly produced battery anode materials for lithium-ion batteries for Electric vehicles.

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Becoming a major supplier of eco-friendly graphite to rapid growing battery and electric vehicle sector

2019 has seen unprecedented global investment in lithium-ion battery manufacturing capacity to support the paradigm shift in transport technology to electric vehicles and battery storage for the renewable energy sector.

We are all familiar with the narrative on electric vehicles, battery storage and the growth in demand for battery minerals. This is the very understandable rationale for strong market focus on battery minerals in recent years.

We hear a lot about cathode minerals, lithium, cobalt, nickel and manganese which together make up the composition of the cathode in a lithium-ion battery. We hear less about the anode which is 100% graphite and represents almost half of the total minerals in a lithium-ion battery.

Not just any graphite, but a plus 99.95% pure spherical graphite product that is refined to meet stringent chemical and physical specifications capable of withstanding the intense operating conditions of a battery in an electric vehicle.

Along with electric vehicles and growth in battery manufacturing, demand for this specialised spherical graphite product is growing exponentially.  Coupled with this there is increasing growth in demand for natural flake graphite, which is the feedstock.

EcoGraf Limited (ASX: EGR) is focused on becoming a long-term partner in supplying  eco-friendly natural flake and battery (spherical) graphite products to customers in both established (refractory, recarburiser, lubricant) and emerging (lithium-ion battery) global markets.

Once established, EcoGraf will operate a diversified graphite portfolio, supplying high quality Tanzanian natural flake graphite products through TanzGraphite to established markets in Asia and Europe, together with EcoGraf, a multi-hub development commencing in Kwinana, Western Australia that will provide a global new supply of environmentally responsible battery graphite for lithium-ion batteries.

A long-term partner in supplying eco-friendly natural flake and battery graphite products to customers in both established and emerging global markets.



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