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Castillo Copper (CCZ), has embarked on an exciting journey to begin to drill IOCG Target... Castillo Copper (CCZ), has embarked on an exciting journey to begin to drill IOCG Target Recommended by BHP as part of its twin drilling programs at its Mt Oxide pillar in Queensland’s copper-belt.More

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Castillo Copper (CCZ), has embarked on an exciting journey to begin to drill IOCG Target Recommended by BHP as part of its
twin drilling programs at its Mt Oxide pillar in Queensland’s copper-belt.
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Video Update with Simon Paul, MD Castillo Copper


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Mt. Oxide - Expanded Drilling Targets at Big One Deposit

ASX Announcement 3 June 2020 

  • Continuing a review of all relevant historical reports1 related to the Big One Deposit, within the Mt Oxide pillar, CCZ’s geology team has expanded the upcoming RC drilling campaign to include the following targets: 

❖ Along the line of lode at depth below known shallow supergene ore mineralisation, which is 600m long, and includes three historic open pit workings1 

❖ A sizeable gossan2 , based on historic surface observations that is circa 200m north from the line of lode 

❖ Several areas south from the line of lode where field work observations show elevated copper mineralisation at surface3 

  • This drill program is designed to verify the four factors underpinning the Big One Deposit’s upside1 which complement the supergene mineralised porphyry dyke: 

❖ Strongly altered hanging wall mineralisation containing malachite / cuprite nodules4 

❖ Footwall fault gouge and elevated altered sediments4 

❖ Gossan mineralisation2 , and 

❖ Mineralised sulphides beneath the supergene ore layer 

  • The best economic intercepts from previous drilling in 1993 (including up to 28.4% Cu4 ) targeted shallow high-grade supergene ore from surface, comprised: 

❖ B07: 3m @ 12.25% Cu from 42m incl: 2m @ 17.87% Cu from 43m; and 1m @ 28.4% Cu from 44m 

❖ B05: 8m @ 2.33% Cu from 44m incl: 6m @ 3.00% Cu from 45m; and 5m @ 3.28% Cu from 45m 

❖ B06: 4m @ 2.20% Cu from 44m incl: 2m @ 3.19% Cu from 46m and 1m @ 3.63% Cu from 47m 

❖ B25: 6m @ 1.55% Cu from 66m incl: 5m @ 1.79% Cu from 66m and 2m @ 2.08% Cu from 66m4 

  • The Board will provide a detailed update on plans for the Arya prospect, selected drilling contractor and status quo on regulatory approvals in due course

Castillo Copper’s Managing Director Simon Paull commented: “As noted in our mid-January release, there is a lot of upside potential from progressing plans to drill the Big One Deposit. The main focus of the expanded drilling program is to hit all the main targets along the line of lode, particularly to test for extensions to known mineralisation at depth. In addition, there are now targets north and south of the strike zone which are highly prospective for underlying copper mineralisation. The Board is extremely eager to continue exploring the Mt Oxide project as the ongoing geological review has uncovered some excellent targets to test-drill.” 

Castillo Copper Limited (“CCZ”) is pleased to announce expanded drilling targets for the Big One Deposit (refer Appendix A), within the Mt Oxide pillar, following a final review of all relevant historic geology reports1 .

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Large mineralised system, with IOCG targets, identified at Mt Oxide pillar 

ASX Announcement 20 May 2020 

  • Detailed work on Flapjack (an IOCG target), within the Mt Oxide pillar, has interpreted it to be part of a larger mineralised system that comprises the Crescent1 (IOCG) and Johnnies2 (shearhosted copper/supergene ore) prospects 
  • This is a significant development which further enhances the exploration upside and potential scale for the Mt Oxide pillar 
  • Flapjack, which is within a zone of structurally controlled ENE trending haematitic-quartz veins, is on a circa 10km alteration trend that follows fault lines that closely passes Johnnies2 then connects with the IOCG target zone in the Crescent prospect1 
  • Historic reports3 on the Flapjack prospect verify the presence of gold within the haematitic-quartz veins and a distinct chlorite alternation which is a potential indicator for IOCG mineralisation 
  • Encouragingly, high-grade surface assays for coincident goldcopper occurrences provide further support to the presence of potential IOCG mineralisation: 

❖ Rock chip: up to 1.37ppm Au and 606ppm Cu3 

❖ Stream sediment: up to 820ppb Au and 50ppm Cu3 

❖ Soil: up to 81ppb Au and 292ppm Cu3 

  • Around 600m south-west of Flapjack’s soil-grid is a 250m by 150m sub-surface anomaly, discovered by an aeromagnetic GEOTEM survey and on the fault line, which is a future primary drill target, subject to follow up field work verification3 
  • While the current focus is progressing the Big One Deposit and the Arya prospect drilling campaign, discovering a large mineralised system, comprising Flapjack, Crescent and Johnnies, will generate a significant number of future drill targets

Castillo Copper’s Managing Director Simon Paull commented: “As we wind up the current geological review on the eight prospects across the Mt Oxide pillar, we continue to be surprised to the upside by the findings. Having a large relatively under-explored mineralised system, comprising three prospects that are known IOCG and shear-hosted copper targets, still leaves plenty of work ahead to extend these areas materially. Our teams are now working at a rapid pace to secure the necessary approvals to commence drilling at the Arya prospect and Big One Deposit.” 

Castillo Copper Limited (“CCZ”) is delighted to announce a large mineralised system has been identified at the Mt Oxide pillar which captures the Flapjack, Crescent and Johnnies prospects.


A closer review of the Flapjack prospect has verified it is within a zone of structurally controlled ENE trending haematitic-quartz veins. More significantly, based on interpretations by CCZ’s independent geology consultant (through analysing historic geophysics and geochemical data3 ), the Flapjack and Crescent prospects, which are circa 6km apart, are on the same fault system (Figure 1).

This is a significant finding as the Flapjack and Crescent prospects are both prospective IOCG targets. Further work, specifically targeting the trajectory of this fault, will be required to determine the extent and scale of prospective IOCG mineralisation, allowing test-drill targets to be formulated. 

Incrementally, factoring in Johnnies, a shear-hosted copper / supergene ore target, proximity to the fault line, there is anecdotal evidence all three prospects are sub-components of a larger mineralised system. Holistically, this significantly enhances Mt Oxide pillar’s exploration upside, especially IOCG potential, through providing further targets to investigate along the prospective mineralised trend.


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Video Update with Simon Paul, MD Castillo Copper - 13th May 2020

April Updates with Gerrard Hall, Castillo Copper - April 2020

Castillo Copper, Strategy & Copper in 2020


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Visit Castillo Copper's Website Here

Castillo Copper Limited (ASX: CCZ) is a base metal explorer primarily focused on copper then zinc & nickel.

The group is embarking on a strategic transformation to morph into a mid-tier copper group underpinned by three core pillars:

  • Pillar I: The Mt Oxide project in the Mt Isa copper-belt district, north-west Queensland ,which delivers significant exploration upside through having several high-grade targets and a sizeable untested anomaly within its boundaries in a copper-rich region.
  • Pillar II: Four high-quality prospective assets across Zambia’s copper-belt which is the second largest copper producer in Africa.
  • Pillar III: Cangai Copper Mine in northern New South Wales, which is one of Australia’s highest grading historic copper mines.

In addition, Castillo Copper is progressing a dual listing on the Standard Board of the London Stock Exchange.

Visit Castillo Copper's Website Here

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