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ALTA ZINC LIMITED - Corporate Spotlight

Alta Zinc owns the historic Gorno Zinc Project in northern Italy where it’s preparing to... Alta Zinc owns the historic Gorno Zinc Project in northern Italy where it’s preparing to recommence mining activities, taking advantage of excellent metallurgy, established infrastructure & strong local support. Alta also has an extensive base metals exploration portfolio in Australia.More

Corporate Spotlight

Alta Zinc owns the historic Gorno Zinc Project in northern Italy where it’s preparing to recommence mining activities, taking advantage of excellent metallurgy, established infrastructure & strong local support. Alta also has an extensive base metals exploration portfolio in Australia.
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Investor Updates with Geraint Harris, MD Alta Zinc


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ASX Announcement 3 June 2020 


  • Drilling has extended the mineralisation at Pian Bracca a further 140m to the west with drilling intersecting high grades, including: 
    • 3.7m at 12.0% Zn and 6.4% Pb (18.4% Zn+Pb) and 78g/t Ag from 79.0m (PBD16); and 
    • 2.4m at 27.0% Zn and 6.4% Pb (33.4% Zn+Pb) and 59g/t Ag from 37.6m (PBD13). 
  • Re-logging of drill-core from the Zorzone area (2016 drill campaign) has confirmed that thrust hosted mineralisation is also present above the stratabound mineralisation extending this mineralisation type a further 260m to the west from the recent drilling, for a total strike extension of 400m. 
  • Lifting of COVID-19 related restrictions in Italy has allowed Alta to restart exploration activities.

Alta Zinc Limited (Alta or the Company) (ASX: AZI) is pleased to announce the results of drill holes PBD13 to PBD16, which have stepped out the known mineralisation a further 140m to the west of our previous drilling at Pian Bracca. The drill holes demonstrate the continuous presence of the same stacked mineralised horizons that have been intersected throughout the current drilling campaign.

In 2016, drilling solely targeted the Zorzone stratabound mineralisation (the only mineralisation horizon known at that time), which is now known to lie below the Pian Bracca thrust mineralisation. Gorno project geologists have subsequently re-logged drill hole GDD097, one of the few holes from the Zorzone drill campaign which extended up to an elevation likely to intersect the flat-lying Pian Bracca thrust. The drill-core clearly shows that the visually distinctive high-grade thrust-style mineralisation is present some 30m higher than the typical stratabound mineralisation in the northern section of the Zorzone area. 

Geraint Harris, MD of Alta Zinc commented: 

“The drilling continues to show excellent continuity of all mineral horizons and this 140m step out is very material in defining additional metal in the ground. 

The exciting new discovery of thrust-style mineralisation lying above the previously drilled stratabound mineralisation at Zorzone clearly demonstrates the opportunity that exists for the Company to make significant step-outs in all directions from the Pian Bracca area to define new and additional thrust mineralisation, even in areas that were relatively well explored for stratabound mineralisation. Our work clearly demonstrates the extensiveness of the mineralised system at Gorno and how valuable the analysis work of our geologists has been in creating additional value from all previous exploration activities”. 

Figure 1 shows the plan view of the extent of the Company’s current drilling campaign. This has consistently defined mineralisation on multiple horizons, so far over a strike length of approximately 415m and with all mineral horizons remaining open in all directions. 

During the recent pause in drilling Gorno staff re-logged selected drill core from the Zorzone resource drilling campaign in 2016, which was solely focussed on defining the stratabound mineralisation known at the time. The stratabound mineralisation is now known to sit at a lower elevation compared to the thrust mineralisation. During the Zorzone drilling campaign one of the northern holes, GDD097, was drilled upwards first through the stratabound mineralisation and then sufficiently far into the hanging wall to intersect what we now know as the Pian Bracca thrust.

With the benefit of the recent drilling at Pian Bracca, Gorno geologists have been able to identify the visual distinctiveness of the thrust mineralisation. It is clear that the top of hole GDD097 penetrated the bottom of Pian Bracca thrust, resulting in the recovery of 1m of high-grade mineralisation before the hole was abandoned (due to core loss). This is very encouraging, as hole GDD097 is a further 260m along-strike and to the west of the recently drilled hole PBD16 and therefore indicates the thrust mineralisation extends to the Zorzone area. This creates exciting new target areas for future drilling, including continued step-outs from Pian Bracca and also above the stratabound mineralisation in the Zorzone Resource area.

Click here to view the full announcement 


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ASX Release 28th April 2020


• Channel samples recently assayed from the Ponente area, an 850m along strike step-out from Pian Bracca, confirm that the same mineralised horizon as drilled at Pian Bracca is also present at Ponente and also with very high grades, including:

o 2.4m at 51.5% Zn and 7.3% Pb (58.8% Zn+Pb) and 80g/t Ag (POCH04); and

o 2.2m at 28.8% Zn and 3.2% Pb (32.0% Zn+Pb) and 39g/t Ag (POCH09).

• All samples were taken over the full height of the underground access and include internal dilution. At all sample sites mineralisation continues into the floor and roof indicating that the true thickness of the mineralisation may be greater than currently reported, as was the case with Pian Bracca.

Alta Zinc Limited (ASX: AZI) is pleased to announce the results of ten channel samples taken from Ponente, another area of the Gorno mine, which was historically developed but only partially mined (Figure 1). Ponente is 850m along strike and to the west of Pian Bracca where the Company’s recent drilling intersected high-grade zinc and lead mineralisation which has demonstrated good continuity.

Three samples were taken on the western side of Ponente, in an area historically explored and developed but never mined. A further seven samples were taken from mineralisation remaining in the historical mining pillars at the centre of the Ponente room and pillar area. Results from both locations demonstrate that the extension of the stratabound mineralisation retains its high-grade tenor as it extends west and away from Pian Bracca.

Geraint Harris, MD of Alta Zinc commented:

“These channel samples represent a first significant step-out from Pian Bracca and help confirm our geologic interpretation that the extensive and stratabound mineralisation in the Gorno mine appears to have good lateral continuity, and excitingly continues to contain some very high grades. As such, these results confirm our view that the Ponente area represents another exciting exploration target, in addition to Pian Bracca, with the potential to add to the Mineral Resource inventory at the Gorno mine”.

The stratabound mineralisation in the centre of the Ponente area was only partially mined with room and pillar stopes of up to 8-10m height with significant mineralisation remaining in those pillars. The stratabound mineralisation remains the Company’s principle and immediate focus at Ponente however, our reinterpretation of the area, based on recent and historic data, suggests that the Pian Bracca thrust sits immediately above the stratabound mineralisation in the Ponente area, therefore adding an additional and prospective exploration target for the Company (Figures 2 and 3).


Figure 1: Plan view showing the Ponente channel samples & the recently drilled area of Pian Bracca


Figure 2: Long-section showing the locations of the Ponente channel samples, the interpretation of the stratabound & the thrust mineralised horizons extending from Pian Bracca

Figure 3: Cross-section through the locations of the reported Ponente channel samples taken from pillars within the historically mined room & pillar area

Table 1 below contains the full sample composite from the channel samples (including dilution from any un- mineralised intervals). Samples were cut from floor to ceiling in the underground development drives and oriented to orthogonally cross-cut the mineralisation, demonstrating true exposed thickness wherever possible. All the samples taken exceeded the selection criterion of grade being greater than 0.5% Zn.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the drilling and physical site work has been temporarily suspended however, the drilling equipment remains mobilised at site and Edilmac, our Italian mining and drilling contractor, is committed to re-starting the drilling program as soon as is safe and practical.

In the meantime, our staff remain safe and continue to add value by analysing the recent exploration results in the context of the historical exploration and mining data. This is enabling the Company to plan subsequent phases of drilling at Pian Bracca and identify new exploration targets, such as Ponente, with the aim of continuing to expand the Gorno Mineral Resource base.

Alta looks forward to keeping shareholders updated with further news as more exploration results become available.

Geraint Harris

Managing Director 

Alta Zinc Limited 

[email protected]

Adam Miethke
Discovery Capital Partners 

[email protected]

Read The Full Announcement Here


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