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Appsvillage provides a simple and yet a powerful SAAS solution that allows
small-to-medium businesses to create their own mobile branded application, helping them to form their brand voice, expand their marketing activities and build a stronger relationship with their customers.
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Interview with CEO Max Bluvband


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AppsVillage Signs Agreement with Fundomate to provide one-click automated Micro-Finance

ASX Announcement 7 November 2019 

AppsVillage expands its SMB Fintech arm Will earn 50% of the revenue earned on funding provided

  • Agreement with US-based funding services provider, Fundomate Inc, provides APV’s SMB customers with a fully automated one-click funding solution 
  • APV will leverage its 100,000-strong SMB network base in the US to generate sales of fast turnaround, online business funding

AppsVillage Australia Ltd (ASX: APV) (AppsVillage or the Company), an SMB SaaS solutions provider, announces it has signed a partnership agreement with Fundomate, Inc (“Fundomate”) to offer AppsVillage SMB customers a fully automated, one-click funding solution. 

Fundomate is a US-based funding services provider that a one-click funding platform to smallto-medium-businesses across the USA. Providing small businesses with fast and easy financing, Fundomate’s entirely online application and approval process enables business owners to receive funds in 24 hours or less, giving small businesses a quick, simple solution to manage ongoing cash flow and working capital needs.

Under the agreement, AppsVillage will offer Fundomate’s one-click automated funding solution as a white-labelled offering to its ~100,000 strong US SMB network. Funding will be provided directly by Fundomate, with AppsVillage to receive 50% of revenue earned on the funding, under a 50/50 revenue-sharing arrangement. 

AppsVillage will have zero financial risk to the funding.

The partnership expands on APV’s small business funding offering following its recently announced agreement with Seek Capital to provide APV’s customers with access to additional third-party lenders and products. 

The deal with Fundomate is just one of a number of solutions tailored to support the global growth of the small business market sector which the Company plans to provide to its large and growing SMB customer base. Importantly, the agreement is expected to contribute strongly to ongoing revenue growth as APV continues its focus on expanding its diversified revenue base.

Max Bluvband, Founder and CEO comments: 

“We can now provide our ~100,000 SMB network in the US with another option for business funding through Fundomate’s quick turnaround, fully automated, one-click funding solution. This deal is yet another example of how AppsVillage is utilising our advanced technology to provide integrated solutions to small business and provide value to our customers. We continue to seek further partnerships and agreements to expand and diversify our offering to this large market, represented by over 65 million SMBs globally and to continue to support the Company’s strong revenue growth.”

Sam Schapiro, Fundomate Founde & CEO comments: 

“Over the last year, we have invested tremendously in our technology with the goal of simplifying access to working capital for our partners’ customers. Today we are excited and proud to provide AppsVillage customers with access to instant capital through our one-click platform!”

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APV partners with Seek Capital LLC to provide Micro-Finance for SMBs in the U.S. 

ASX Announcement 23 October 2019 

Seek Capital to provide Micro-Finance capital backing for AppsVillage’s MicroFinance offering

  • Significant milestone achieved as AppsVillage signs its first agreement with leading USA based SMB finance provider, Seek Capital LLC 
  • Seek Capital LLC will provide funding related services to AppsVillage customers, for loans between US$5,000 and $US50,000 
  • AppsVillage to leverage its vast US SMB client base to market and generate sales of Micro-Finance services 
  • AppsVillage to receive commission of 25% of the fees received on each executed loan to SMB clients

Max Bluvband, Founder and CEO comments: “The upcoming launch of our Capital MicroFinance services represents the next phase of growth for AppsVillage. We are focused on building a fully integrated platform designed to support small-to-medium business (SMB) growth globally and we see this expansion as an important step forward in achieving this goal.”

AppsVillage Australia Ltd (ASX: APV) (AppsVillage or the Company), an SMB SaaS solutions provider, is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement with Seek Capital LLC (“Seek Capital”) to provide funding services to AppsVillage’s 100,000 SMBs across the USA.

Seek Capital, LLC: Based in the USA, Seek Capital provides consulting services and funding procurement to SMBs across the USA. Seek Capital works on behalf of the SMB to assist with the application process and obtain the required amount of funding from various third-party sources. To date, Seek Capital has procured in excess of $300 million in loans for SMBs ranging from US$5,000 to US$500,000.

Under the terms of the agreement, AppsVillage will leverage its network of more than 100,000 SMB’s based in the USA to market and generate sales of Seek Capital’s small business funding and funding-related services. Seek Capital’s funding services will also be available to APV’s SMB customer base via the apps they create using the AppsVillage platform.

AppsVillage will be marketing loans of between US$5,000 and US$50,000. All financial products will be approved and provided by Seek Capital or a Seek Capital approved third-party provider.

Seek Capital will pay AppsVillage commission equating to 25% of the fee paid to Seek Capital by each customer introduced by AppsVillage.

This is a significant milestone achievement for AppsVillage demonstrating the company’s ability to deliver on its growth strategy of expanding its product offering to become a leading SMB growth solutions provider. It also provides APV diversified revenue generation and puts the company in a strong position to deliver customer and revenue growth over the coming 12 months.

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AppsVillage expands its operations to emerging markets 

ASX Announcement 24 September 2019 

  • AppsVillage expands its offering to India, Africa, Malaysia and the Philippines 
  • AppsVillage eliminates the need for a credit card when onboarding Facebook advertising promotions, providing access to millions of new small to medium business owners in emerging markets

AppsVillage Australia Ltd (ASX: APV) (AppsVillage or the Company), a SaaS solutions provider enabling small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) to build and manage branded mobile applications, is pleased to announce it has expanded its Facebook advertising offering to a range of emerging markets it is targeting, including the Philippines, India, Malaysia and multiple countries within Africa.

Facebook currently has around 100 million business pages and an advertising reach of over 2.4 billion users.

AppsVillage’s one-click advertisement capability allows its SMB users to create high engaging promotional and advertorial content quickly and easily via its existing AppsVillage mobile application and advertise directly on the Facebook platform. In addition to this, all advertising costs will be automatically charged to the user’s AppsVillage account eliminating the need for a credit card, providing first access to Facebook advertising for the millions of users without a credit card in the emerging markets.

APV’s user-friendly advertising offering also includes an automated advertising targeting mechanism to ensure that SMBs achieve maximum audience reach.

Expanding its Facebook advertising capabilities to the vast number of additional users in emerging markets provides huge revenue generation potential for the Company and represents another step in the commercialisation of its Facebook advertising offering.

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