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Corporate Spotlight

Australian Bauxite commenced production in December 2014 from its site at Bald Hill, Tasmania and has been selling into the cement and fertiliser industries, with its most recent sale amounting to 30,000 tonnes of bauxite and shipment occurring October 2017.
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Australian Bauxite - Ian Levy, Managing Director


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ABx Bauxite Shipment Produced 3 Weeks Ahead of Schedule

ASX Announcement 11 April 2019 

  • ABx achieved sale tonnage of 30,000 tonnes 3 weeks ahead of schedule 
  • Shipment date brought forward 
  • Additional production for other sales 
  • Rehabilitation well advanced

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx, ASX Code ABX) had produced 31,600 tonnes as at Monday 9 April and achieved the contracted tonnage target of 30,000 to 33,000 of cement-grade bauxite 3 weeks before the 1 May 2019 contract date. Grades are better than contract, as usual for ABx shipments to date.

Production continues at the Bald Hill Bauxite Project, at least until the end of the week when more than 33,000 tonnes will have been produced.

Trucking has delivered 23,900 tonnes to the port stockpile at Bell Bay and will complete deliveries well before ship arrival.

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ASX Announcement 31 January 2019


  • Group available cash at the end of the quarter was $1.84 million and now stands at about $1.75 million 

Sales & Operations 

  • Next 30,000 tonne sale of cement-grade bauxite confirmed for loading in 2nd quarter 2019 from Bell Bay port 
  • Mining and screening operations commenced at the Bald Hill Bauxite Project near Campbell Town, northern Tasmania, is focussed on producing bauxite that is suitable for blending with stockpiled bauxite to achieve the product specifications that best suit the customer 
  • Sales of fertiliser-grade bauxite are growing as the customer uses ABx fertiliser-grade bauxite in the manufacture of superphosphate fertiliser products. Sales of fertiliser-grade bauxite recommenced last week

  • ABx incorporated ALCORE Limited as a wholly owned subsidiary to fund and manage the ALCORE Project, leading to the construction of an ALCORE Production Plant to produce Aluminium Fluoride (AlF3) & valuable co-products 
  • The 2nd milestone was achieved during the quarter, with the ALCORE laboratory completed to lockup stage ahead of schedule and well within budget. The ALCORE Laboratory is sited within the ALCORE Research Centre at Berkeley Vale on the NSW Central Coast 
  • ALCORE patent (pending) technology is designed to beneficiate and refine raw bauxite with a market price of $50 into high-value products worth more than $US 800 per tonne, including: 
    • a. Aluminium Fluoride (AlF3) is a key electrolyte ingredient in aluminium production by aluminium smelters. Global demand for AIF3 and associated co-products continues to increase as aluminium production increases and the use of AIF3 in lithium ion batteries increases; 
    • b. Silica fume for our cement industry customers and manufacturers of low-CO2 geopolymer cement; 
    • c. Corethane which is an ultra-pure hydrocarbon that can substitute for natural gas for electricity and industrial heat generation and can be used for metallurgical use and brickmaking; and, 
    • d. Refractory-grade bauxite & potentially high purity alumina (HPA) for making scratch-resistant sapphire glass 
  • ALCORE will be the first Australian supplier of AlF3 to the Australasian Aluminium Smelters 
  • Funding is in place to complete Stage 1, followed by up to 5 months of production 
  • Once sufficient AlF3 is produced for rigorous testing, the pilot plant will test the production of Corethane, which will provide the fuel for heat and electrical power for the ALCORE Production Plant and will also demonstrate its use as a gas-substitute in gas turbine electrical generators and its use as a diesel substitute for fuel security purposes. Corethane has significant energy and industrial potential 
  • ALCORE technology is relatively low-risk because it operates at ambient temperatures and pressures 
  • The ALCORE business plan targets long-established, broad industrial markets with many potential buyers 
  • Subject to regulatory, statutory and shareholder approvals as required, the ALCORE project is holding discussions with governments, agencies and companies that have showed strong interest in both AIF3 and the main co-products, Corethane and silica fume

Review of Binjour project located inland from Bundaberg Port, Queensland

  • Binjour project total bauxite resources are 40.5 million tonnes comprising 37 million tonnes of thick gibbsite trihydrate bauxite at Binjour plateau and 3.5 million tonnes in the granted mining lease at Toondoon, located 46 kms south of Binjour 1 
  • Binjour bauxite is 3 to 15 metres thick and comprises 10.4 million tonnes suitable for simple bulk mining and shipping as “DSO Bauxite1” and 26.6 million tonnes containing silica gel veinlets which require processing by ABx’s proprietary TasTech technology to reduce silica and upgrade the Al2O3 content to the target production grade of 44 to 45% Al2O3 & 5% SiO2 for metallurgical-grade bauxite 
  • Trial mining is planned to determine the optimum mining and processing needed to achieve Binjour’s target production grades, which have been established by a bulk sampling program that subsampled 2,000 tonnes of drillhole samples in December 2017


Figure 1: Locations of ABx bauxite mines, projects and transport infrastructure in Tasmania Figure 2: Operations at Bald Hill mine, Tasmania in full swing to prepare next 30,000 tonne shipment 

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2nd Milestone Achieved. ALCORE Lab Completed to Lock-Up Stage.

ASX Announcement 3 December 2018 

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx)’s wholly-owned subsidiary, ALCORE Limited has acquired the equipment needed to produce test samples of key products and constructed the Stage 1 Core Laboratory to lock-up stage, thus staying ahead of schedule and within budget.

An Open Day for seed investors was held last Wednesday 28 November. A video of construction made by members of the ALCORE team showing development of of the Lab can be seen at Australianbauxite.com.au/Interviews&News.htm and photos below show some images from the Open Day.

  • ALCORE’s patent (pending) application technology is designed to refine raw bauxite to produce Aluminium Fluoride (AlF3) and other valuable co-products including the Corethane gas-substitute – see Figures 1 & 2. AlF3 is a key electrolyte ingredient in aluminium production by aluminium smelters. 
  • Global demand for AlF3 and associated co-products continues to increase as aluminium smelter production increases and the use of AlF3 in lithium ion batteries increases. 
  • Site construction and design for Stage 1 of the ALCORE project commenced on 1 July as planned at ALCORE’s pre-approved Pilot Plant site in Berkeley Vale, Central Coast NSW. 
  • Stage 1 is designed to produce AlF3 test samples for pre-qualified aluminium smelter customers & then produce Corethane, which is pure hydrocarbon powder refined from low-value coals. 
  • Corethane has been used to provide thermal and electrical power. It has been used as a gas-substitute to fuel a large gas turbine for 14 months and achieve accreditation as a turbine fuel to generate electricity, with very low CO2 emissions similar to natural gas. 
  • Corethane has also been used as a diesel substitute for fuel security purposes and is ideally suited for use as a sulphur-free bunker fuel. 
  • Corethane also has industrial applications and several potential customers have already requested test samples for their industrial plants. 
  • Graphite refining to a very high purity for use in high-efficiency batteries will also be tested. 
  • Discussions continue with governments, agencies and major companies in the aluminium industry.

ABx CEO, Ian Levy commented: “ABxs subsidiary ALCORE is sufficiently funded to deliver Stage 1 of the ALCORE project, thanks to strong support from seed capital investors. ALCORE’s powerful new bauxite refining technology can lead to Australia’s first production of AlF3 products to provide security of supply for Australasian aluminium smelters. ALCORE’s production of Corethane hydrocarbon can change the energy supply and fuel security outlook for eastern Australia” 

ALCORE Limited is expected to unlock considerable value for shareholders in the short and medium term.”

Achieving another milestone ahead of schedule has taken an extreme effort by many ALCORE staff, which has given us the confidence to overcome any unexpected obstacles that may arise.” 

“ABx is also pressing ahead with its three core bauxite projects; the Tasmanian mine, the large Binjour Project in central QLD and the Penrose refractory bauxite project 90km inland of Port Kembla NSW. Planning is underway for trial mining and processing testwork at the Binjour Project.” 

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