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Corporate Spotlight

Aruma Resources Limited (AAJ) is a mineral exploration company with three advanced project areas in Western Australia. AAJ currently focus on its flagship Slate Dam Project.
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ASX Announcement 14 March 2019 

Eastern Goldfields explorer, Aruma Resources Limited (ASX: AAJ) (Aruma or the Company) is pleased to announce plans for its maiden drilling program at the Kopai Gold Project located 20km west of Kalgoorlie.

The Kopai Project is situated directly along strike of Evolution Mining's (ASX: EVN) major White Foil gold mine. Site preparation has been completed for the majority of drillholes, and drilling is planned to commence this month.

The first phase program at Kopai will consist of up to 13 Reverse Circulation (RC) holes drilled to a depth of 150 metres at a nominal 75 metre spacing, for a total of approximately 1,950 metres. The target depth of drilling is designed to help ensure the intersection of gold mineralisation at depth beneath cover.

Figure 1. The location and surrounding mines at Kopai 

The first phase of drilling is expected to take one week to complete and results will be reported as they become available. This maiden program is planned to be followed up with up to a similar amount of drilling at Kopai over the coming months.

Figure 2. The Project area and significant structures on 1st derivative magnetics at Kopai with targeted drilling areas (Source: Southern Geoscience20m TMI1VD) 

The structures identified by magnetics at Kopai are of two main types; 

1. North northeast feeder structures similar to the Sovereign and Mary Faults; and 

2. Northeast faults (Compton Shears) known to control mineralisation at Coolgardie and White Foil.

Inspection of drill chips from previous RC drilling at the Kopai project area has shown the area to have similar geology to Focus Minerals’ (ASX: FML) nearby Brilliant-Tindals gold deposits, and an historic intersection on the western edge of Kopai - of 4m at 1.06g/t Au in conglomerate in drillhole KDRC 11 

- reflects Aruma’s targeted Black Flag Group-style mineralisation (source: Wamex Open File - a110171 

- MetalsX Limited Annual Mineral Exploration Report 2016, M15/1306, page 9).

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ASX Announcement 31 January 2019


  • Slate Dam AEM flying completed 
  • Beowulf soil sampling started 
  • Kopai Project PoW approved 
  • Data base construction completed

Eastern Goldfields explorer, Aruma Resources Limited (ASX: AAJ) has several advanced Gold projects in the Kalgoorlie region which cover over 780km2 of which 760km2 are wholly operated by Aruma.

Figure 1 Aruma’s Gold Projects of the Kalgoorlie District showing AEM survey areas KALGOORLIE PROJECTS 

The Company continued to advance its 100% owned Kalgoorlie gold projects during the quarter by: completing an Airborne Electro Magnetic (AEM) program totaling 380km2 over the Beowulf and Slate Dam project areas in December; Section 18 Ministerial approval granted over the Slate Dam leases affected by a registered aboriginal heritage site; and approval of a Program of Work (PoW) at the Kopai project. The Kopai Gold Project is to be evaluated in the March quarter with a short initial drilling program. 


Maxwell GeoServices has completed construction of a data base over all the Company’s Kalgoorlie gold projects combining the Westgold and Aruma databases. This has allowed Aruma to progress the evaluation over the entirety of its leases with full 3D modelling to define trends and data gaps. 

As a research driven gold exploration company, Aruma Resources completed an extensive airborne electromagnetic (AEM) survey over the majority of the Slate Dam and Beowulf project areas. The helicopter-borne survey used the NRG Xcite system to acquire high resolution data considered important for the high precision required to identify the target types in tight structures. Experienced geoscientists from Terra Resources will evaluate the completed AEM data with magnetics and radiometrics. This will look for conductors (black shales) and explore the non-conductors in the same stratigraphy with structures conducive to mineralisation.


Figure 2 The Kopai leases with geology and gold geochemistry showing the Strzelecki shear and the proximity to the Frogs Leg and White Foil mines. The Kopai Gold Project (P15/6145 and P15/6146) is located 20km west of Kalgoorlie on situated on the Strzelecki Shear, the structure that hosts the gold rich Kundana project and directly along strike of Evolution Mining Limited's Mungari Operation (2.6Moz. Au resource). 

The definition of the anomaly and structure fits very well with Aruma's sedimentary hosted gold model. The structural and geochemical targets are planned to be investigated by a 4,000m drilling program in the March quarter following the approval of the PoW. The planned drill holes are shown by red (phase 1) and green (phase 2) in the right hand diagram in Figure 2.

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ASX Announcement 3 October 2018 


  • Final assay results received from last 19 of 34 holes – totalling 3,748m. Phase 3 RC drill program at Slate Dam Gold Project 
  • Drilling continues to intersect widespread gold mineralisation plus repetitions of gold mineralisation in multiple holes 
  • 15 out of the 19 holes intersected anomalous gold mineralisation 
  • 98 RC holes drilled in 3 completed phases of drilling in past nine months - 63 out of 98 holes intersected anomalous gold mineralisation 
  • Database completed of all existing drill data at Slate Dam Project. Results from the drilling will be added to database to help plan next phase of drilling

Aruma Resources Limited (ASX: AAJ) is pleased to announce final assay results from its Phase 3 drilling program at the Company’s 100%-owned Slate Dam Gold Project in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. 

Assays have now been received for remaining nineteen holes for 2,088m (holes SDRC80 to 98) of the 3,748m program which was completed in August 2018. 

The assays from the Phase 3 program have continued to deliver results consistent with the model in the Slate Dam anomaly area in the northern part of the Project, and have further strengthened the Company’s geological model for the Slate Dam Project to host significant sediment-hosted gold deposits. Best results are as follows;

  • 6m @ 1.06g/t Au from 91m in hole SDRC80 
  • 5m @ 1.25g/t Au from 110m in hole SDRC91 
  • 5m @ 1.24g/t Au from 88m in hole SDRC98; and 
  • 6m @ 2.43g/t Au from 15m; within a broader zone of 
  • 15m @ 1.1g/t Au from 6m in hole SDRC68 (which was previously reported in ASX announcement, 6 July 2018).

Observations from Phase 3 drilling results 

Drilling has intersected widespread gold mineralisation, with fifteen out of the nineteen holes drilled having intersected anomalous gold (>0.1g/t Au). 

Alteration was evident, with Pyrite-Carbonate-Mica-Quartz showing up and indicating gold. The newly rehabilitated core from previous project owners is now able to be logged and this will commence next month, and should contribute to a fuller understanding of the mineralisation at Slate Dam. Aruma has completed 98 reverse circulation (RC) drill holes in three phases of drilling for 10,500m over the past nine months, and 63 out of the 98 holes have intersected anomalous gold mineralisation.

The success of the drilling in defining extensions to the flat and steep mineralisation intersected in hole SDRC68 can be seen in Figure 1, with the holes defining multiple lodes both steep and flat.

Figure 1: The locations of the successful holes in Phase 3 drilling in June, showing intersection holes (Table 1) in red diamonds and lode trends, steep outlined in red and flat-shallow outlined in yellow. (Image 1.2km by 900m)

The Company has completed construction of a database of all available drill data across the entire Slate Dam Project area. All results from the Company’s drilling to date will be added to the database and the Slate Dam sediment-hosted gold model to help plan the next phase of drilling

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Drilling Resumes at Slate Dam Gold Project

ASX Announcement 28 August 2018


  • Drilling in Phase 3 program has resumed at Slate Dam Gold Project and is designed to confirm and extend the two defined lodes 
  • Drilling has defined two lode positions including a new steep higher grade gold zone; o steep >2g/t Au zone (from drill hole SDRC68) and o Shallow dipping 20m thick >1g/t Au zone from Phase 1 drilling 
  • Phase 3 is expected to be completed this month

Aruma Resources Limited (ASX: AAJ) (Aruma, the Company) is pleased to announce the resumption of drilling at the Company’s 100%-owned Slate Dam Gold Project in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.

Aruma’s Phase 3 drilling program at Slate Dam was suspended recently due to inclement weather conditions at the project and rig unavailability. The Company now advises that this phase of drilling has resumed, and is anticipated to consist of approximately 20 reverse circulation (RC) holes for a total of 2,400 metres.

The pause in the phase 3 drilling program provided Aruma the opportunity to analyse drill results received to date to further refine drill targets to complete the phase 3 drilling. The phase 3 program is expected to be completed next month and results will be released when available.v

The remaining component of the Phase 3 program is designed to extend the current strike length of the target area at Slate Dam and test for extensions of the gold mineralised zone at depth (see Figures 1 and 2 for location of drilling targets).

To date, Aruma has completed 8,554 metres of reverse circulation (RC) in three phases of drilling at the Slate Dam Project, focused on a large scale, high-tenor >200ppb, seven square kilometre gold (Au) anomaly in the northern part of the Project. The area explored in detail is only some 3% of the total area available, and the complete area will be appraised in the coming months with the completion of a new project data base.

The Company’s exploration is aimed at discovering new sediment-hosted gold deposits similar to Goldfields Limited’s (JSE: GFI) nearby, world class 3Moz Invincible Gold Deposit. Refer to ASX announcements of 6 July, 29 May, 21 February and 1 February 2018 for further information on exploration and drilling results to date.

The Section 18 request for Ministerial Approval for exploration permission has been submitted to the DPLH for approval over the complete Slate Dam Project area and is expected to be received in October.

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