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KFE 2.1¢


  1. livas1

    2,338 posts.

    Wow, that is one big deposit!!

  2. 300588

    126 posts.

    what are you referring to Livas1??

  3. livas1

    2,338 posts.

    The announcement just released!

  4. 300588

    126 posts.

    oh....my apologies...I didn't get a little notification...excellent!!! BUY!

  5. 29101971

    3,641 posts.

    So the full lease area of the plateau (about 83sq km) is consistent with maiden report and will be included in the Sept upgrade.

    My simple maths shows that 488mt (for 15 sq km) might well become 2,700mt.

  6. Grin-T

    465 posts.

    Turnover for the day... A grand total of $5,500 so far...

    Mr Market still asleep on this one.

  7. 300588

    126 posts.

    Seems to be that everyone is still waiting for the MET results...which surely due this week...Next week to me becomes late July ?!

  8. wildyxxd

    113 posts.

    Expect Met Results Monday or Tuesday. The whole process is apparently very complex and obviously they have to get it right.I am hearing everything is on track to meet expectations and im not expecting any disappointments. Today's announcement if read thoroughly is excellent for the company's future. Quite simply it means they have a huge amount of ore. I still believe there may be as much as 6-9 billion tonnes but the project will be long gone before they can prove up that amount Not long to go for all the patient holders. Good Metallurgy, significant upgrade of JORC and the appointment of a CEO should equate to some nice gains in share price.I do know Ian Burston is happy with the way things are unfolding and if hes happy, Im happy.The only reason the share price is stuck in this price range is because of one large seller in the market.Hopefully when some good news is released the selling will stop. Good Luck

  9. Excuse my ignorance, but is the 30-50% Fe below the commercial standard? Were the previous %s above 57%?

  10. bubsmark

    2,028 posts.


    'No surprises'

    I want surprises. Positive ones to send the share price higher!

  11. bizzo

    1,599 posts.

    If there is a large seller he must be selling at a loss. What do you think ??

  12. wildyxxd

    113 posts.

    Probably got his shares at a cheap entry price Bizzo. Apparently not happy with one of the guys connected to the largest shareholder in the company. Has spat the dummy with him. With positive met results out next week things can change rapidly. With regards to the 30-50% Fe beneficiation will bring it up to the target rate of 58% and be in the ideal ore range.I am confident the worst is behind us and from next week things will seem much brighter.

  13. bizzo

    1,599 posts.

    I agree the beneficiation will bring the grade up .I thought it would be slightly higher than 58% all up .
    Thats if the met work is successful .
    The entry price for many of the early birds was close to 2.5c and special people 1.5c so at 11c this guy must be losing money .Very expensive ego,s.
    Talking about the biggest share holder Ian Whiteley and TGP which many of the board belong to .If they have spent $10 million as the report suggests they would only need to get 50c a share to make a very substantial profit with approx 85,766,667 shares held .This is well short of the figures quoted by many of us in the past .In this market I am not sure how much they would hold out for.

  14. valinvestor

    5,513 posts.

    Of course he's spat the dummy. What other reason would your insider give other than a positive spin.

    Getting back to spending around $10 million on the project before spinning into Energio. What exactly did they spend it on?

    Try and find out where it was spent and why they have spent so much money since drilling for JORC.

    Surely a $10 million spend over the years would've given TGP a JORC resource. How much did they spend to get a JORC of 488Mt?

    I see things very differently through the glasses I wear.

  15. wildyxxd

    113 posts.

    Bizzo. The really early birds got some stock at .05c which equates to 5cents given the 1 for 10 split.The only seller in the top 20 recently has been Jacjos Investments and they still have around 6.8 million left. Once again if we have positive met results i daresay the selling will dry up overnight. Come Monday or Tuesday even Val may have a change of heart.

  16. bizzo

    1,599 posts.

    thanks wildyxxd a change of heart .Well that would be interesting imagine the positive posts

  17. roysolder

    1,022 posts.

    Hi Bizzo , I remember way back waiting to see brt re list as energio and the price was .9 cents
    I left my entry a little late but still got in at first at 1.5 upwards
    I should have taken profit on several occasions but I'm and investor not a trader. And I believe in where my money is along with wildy and immmelman .
    All shaping up quite nicely !
    The dick headed poster will vanish when good met, huge resource update and rapid climb in share price ... Hopefully eh?

  18. roysolder

    1,022 posts.

    Keep up the fantastic posts wildly . Sorry my previous post should have been .09 entry for me
    Not bragging cause I bought lots at much higher price ):
    All will be good

  19. valinvestor

    5,513 posts.

    Guaranteed that I will not have a change of heart.

    I can't wait to see what happens when TGP shares come out of escrow and are distributed back to all the TGP individual shareholders and the persons that loaned TGP millions of dollars.

    In my opinion they all got a get of jail free card when they succeeded in backdooring EIO. KFE will keep kicking that can down the road. They have been for a couple of years now haven't they.

  20. immmelman

    273 posts.

    In the last 18 months Kogi Iron have drilled 695 reverse circulation holes plus an additional 31 step out rc holes, 11 diamond drill holes in the first campaign and recently another 30 diamond holes. That's over 750 holes and at an exceptionally inexpensive cost in my view. Will seem even cheaper when come September we have a JORC of around 600 m/t and a global resource of around 3 billion tonnes. Better still, in the next couple of days we should get confirmation that we have positive metallurgy giving us a massive saleable deposit worth an equally massive amount of loot.
    Money well spent I say! Looking further ahead, I would not be surprised to see a CEO appointed in the not too distant future as a further vote of confidence in the project and to get out there and promote Kogi to both brokers/ institutions and potential buyers.

  21. valinvestor

    5,513 posts.

    Correct inexpensive so my question I keep coming back to is where did all that $10 million go towards?

    Nobody is able to answer that!

    They will keep kicking that can down the road.

  22. roysolder

    1,022 posts.

    All music to my eyes immmelman- thanks

  23. MeToo

    625 posts.

    Peck, peck, peck..........a wood pecker will always be a wood pecker
    We all know who the wood pecker is?

  24. garggs

    570 posts.

    Why arent people buying this,thats a great announcement,what do you need to do or say.

  25. roysolder

    1,022 posts.

    The village idiot is back garggs ,
    I hate the lol crap too - makes my skin crawl

  26. MeToo

    625 posts.

    Valinvestor, the following are serious questions

    re: you last post ( get it ) What sort of a person are you??

    and is "val" short for valiuminvestor?

  27. twenty3

    1,614 posts.

    roy - i like to alternate how i interpret vals LOLs between 'lots of love' and 'luscious oily lesbians'.

    hope this helps.

  28. roysolder

    1,022 posts.

    Twenty , I tried to upload an image of a rat face looking hideous creature but was unable to!
    Laugh of lunatic fits
    It is just a god dam pest

  29. valinvestor

    5,513 posts.


  30. MeToo

    625 posts.

    This one fits LOL
    Straight from google
    Also seems to fit some ones ego

    League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle .........

  31. garggs

    570 posts.

    there you go Val i just averaged down ,now they owe me 25cents ,hope your wrong in all aspects.good luck longs i loved that last announcement can not believe poeople arent buying so i will be the first.

  32. bizzo

    1,599 posts.

    Val I guess one would have to buy the lease and spend a few bob on it .10 million is not that much when you look at the big picture and as I have said if they get .50c they will have made a very wise investment .

  33. immmelman

    273 posts.

    Smart move garggs!

  34. garggs

    570 posts.

    Hope your right,just wanted to shut him up for a bit.

  35. immmelman

    273 posts.

    Not sure Val is a him, writes like a girl.

  36. MeToo

    625 posts.

    I thought it was decided ages ago - Nic - Nicole - Nicolette or some thing similar?

    Was the link in val's last post just to bring our attention to the HC email that we all got or is val insinuating something again?

    If it was just to promote an email we all got, why?
    Has val got a problem comming on?

  37. roysolder

    1,022 posts.

    I thought that too immmelman . It's last name was nicolele
    Would explain the hairy legged postings

  38. himanshu

    39 posts.

    Looks like someone has taken Val's advice to bring the average down.

  39. valinvestor

    5,513 posts.

    At least they are trying to get the best price for a cap raising by at least trying to push the price up. I doubt shareholders would participate in a rights issue.

    Can't wait for the quarterly cash flow report.

  40. bizzo

    1,599 posts.

    Val as a lowly underground miner Can you please tell me as I am not as business savvy as you and many others

  41. MeToo

    625 posts.

    I just had a look at the BML thread, woody has started pecking away over there, same park, different tree.

    Val, if "they" are supporting the SP for a cap. raising, why wouldn't "they" just buy and lift the price dramatically, it would not take much volume to take it to 19c, rather than wait until it falls and bring it back to 11c or 12c

  42. valinvestor

    5,513 posts.

    Because TGP would have to put in $$$$$$$ under a rights issue and I don't believe they would do that.

    Why go public to get a few million dollars in funding? After spending $10 million already?

    I will be pleasantly surprised if there is a rights issue.

    It just doesn't make sense to drill all those holes for how many millions but spend $10 million previously on what.

    Heard of that store NQR?

    Just my opinion - I believe nothing these small cap companies say - it's becoming a common theme now.

  43. roysolder

    1,022 posts.

    Been out in the garden .... "Snifffff" that bloody stink is back spoiling the air I breath

  44. bizzo

    1,599 posts.

    TGP stands to make a small fortune Val so why not put in the cash .
    Going public has made it easier to make this cash without putting up all their cash.
    If you stand back and look at the logic it looks fine to me . You just have to get over what losses you have taken in the smallcap market . Not all people are crooks . The board has integrity and I don't think they are out to screw us .A little FAITH is all you NEED .Have a great weekend Go FREO

  45. bizzo

    1,599 posts.

    Arcelor Mittal cancels a project worth 12 billion dollars in India Posco cancels a 5.2 billion dollar project in India . This had a lot to do with red tape .
    WE have a large Iron deposit Nigeria has a VERY keen government and a large mill waiting . What to do with 17.2 billion dollars !!!!!

  46. bizzo

    1,599 posts.

    I think the point we should take from this is that there are countries other than CHINA that are still interested in steel production

  47. bizzo

    1,599 posts.

    www.mineweb.com Minor miners face major headache from iron ore giants
    This does not look good for new starters.

  48. 300588

    126 posts.

    good article bizzo. Interesting to see where this leaves kogi. Hopefully the economics due to the infrastructure in place and production costs hold us in stead. Only time will tell.

  49. bubsmark

    2,028 posts.

    Will we see results this week?

  50. roysolder

    1,022 posts.

    I'm sure we will bubs
    My money's on tomorrow - I hope.
    If it is good we will be looking fantastic !!! Easy to say but be patient

  51. sachz

    620 posts.

    I cannot see it rocketing up in next 3 days. As much as I wish it did.

    Kfe is a pray and hold stock for me now... (:

  52. roysolder

    1,022 posts.

    Confirmation of saleable iron ore Anny just out

  53. drarthur

    4,624 posts.

    Hi Val, I'm wondering if you believe the ann out this morning. Reads pretty well to me!

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