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we're still a lucky country

  1. moondoong

    20,444 posts.

    One thing I want to say at this time.

    No matter how bad things can seem in Australia at least we get a choice every 3 yrs (4 in the states) on who runs the show.

    Watching the news lately and seeing the unrest and killings going on in the Middle East & Arab countries makes me very appreciative of living in Australia.

    And never forget the sacrifice that so many people from this country made to defend our freedom and our country.

    And the people who pioneered the land and did it tough, to make our country what it is today.

    Australia - We really are the lucky people in the lucky country. Most people are still doing their best and making a go of it. And there are opportunities for nearly all of us to improve our lot, if we're willing to put in the effort.

    Vote wisely, for your vote is a precious thing. Blood has been spilt to ensure we can vote freely and fairly.

    Our liberty, freedom and way of life is also precious.

    Do not let it go for anyone or anything.

  2. pints

    7,756 posts.

    Here here moon.

    Where have you been traveling?

  3. Justlookin

    7,589 posts.


  4. My father who fought in WW2 against all our enemies,
    would have rolled over in his grave watching they way Tony Abbott operated as an opposition leader, treating Julia Gillard in that disgusting way.

    Did you have to grow up with a father who had his right arm shot up being a hero in New Guinea. I was the loving daughter who rushed around the farm trying to help him all the time. Trying to be his right arm help.

    You can write all you like of what you perceive as our ideal here, but Australia lost it's lucky country status under John Howard. We might have been laughed and ridiculed before for being Aussie and quaint but we were never hated nor been known as haters until Howard pushed us in to such a position over the refugees, the Tampa and the SeivX.

    And his eagerness to go is to Iraq was a tragedy another. And the GST is another due to it's role in marginalizing the poor even more in our society.

    Yes be wise about who you vote for. We dont want it done to us again. Lest we forget.

  5. Vistica

    6,003 posts.

    you are one very bitter lady,not healthy.

  6. spanners

    3,523 posts.

    +100 Justlookin!

  7. spanners

    3,523 posts.

    + 100 to you heathercam as well!

  8. bruceyg

    10,498 posts.

    suggest you have a word with some who have served now heather - they have some very nasty things to say about the present labor government


    both grandfathers in ww1 - one gassed the other influenza
    uncles and father all served in ww2 - the old man in new guinea

    so please dont use the crutch of my father who did this or that la la la

    we all have stories

    i have never seen hatred like you and your lefty mates have for howard and abbot - something in the water you drink methinks - except the hatred that islam has for everyone.

    the lucky country? maybe but certainly a country divided and the major schism is because of the illegal immigrants and the sooner we stop this problem the better for our country

  9. fluffynymph

    51,372 posts.

    The Australian economy has grown in the last 20 years plus - in every quarter - from an economic perspective, we are very lucky indeed - however, much of this growth has been underpinned by population growth together with the obvious link to Chinese industrialism & our floating AUS$. IMO we need both taxation and IR reform to continue.

    That being said a luck country is a cohesive society - of which we are not. A lot of disenfranchised, frustrated & angry people exist, as evidenced by the Politics forum.

    I call it "polarised" ignorance - so are we lucky? Not yet - not when some think that anything contentious is black and white.

  10. wazbee

    2,727 posts.

    Heather am, you say your dad served. Was he a nazi? If all these countries are appalled by what mr Howard has done then why don't they stick their hands up for the boaties. Happy to give them to them.

  11. spanners

    3,523 posts.

    "the lucky country? maybe but certainly a country divided and the major schism is because of the illegal immigrants and the sooner we stop this problem the better for our country"

    A problem we helped to cause, send our "hero's" overseas at the behest of our allies without an ounce of common sense and then complain like two year olds when the consequences land on our door step. Suck it up Australia. It did not have to be this way!

  12. Thumbs up brucey.

    Heather is obviously a Howard Hater, remember them, walking around in their Howard Hater T shirts and enjoying the low unemployment, budget surpluses, secure borders and prudent expenditure of our Taxes.

    Of course all of this was offensive to their higher academic and moral standings, and the rest of us poor schmucks who were quite happy to reap the fruits of our hard work and look forward to a secure future were just plain wrong.

    Now we have high unemployment, elderly not being able to heat their homes, 1300 corpses feeding the fishes and 50,000 latent time-bombs festering in various states of incarceration, and this is a victory for them! Go figure.

  13. gofish100

    1,430 posts.

    Heathercum is a hater. Can't hack the truth. Preaching straight from the UN's Agenda 21 bible.

  14. jimcross

    7,757 posts.

    Heathercam, I find it very odd that you would support labor and communist ideals given that your father was prepared to fight and risk his life in WW2 in an endeavour to save us from such evils. Very strange indeed.


  15. Hanrahan

    30,714 posts.

    I'm one generation older than you Bruce. My Father and uncles were in the Great War [Never call it WW1, there was never meant to be another] and a lot of us have worn uniform since.

    I too was disgusted at Heather bringing her war hero father into it.

  16. Marketinfo

    5,491 posts.


    "Watching the news lately and seeing the unrest and killings going on in the Middle East & Arab countries makes me very appreciative of living in Australia."

    We just have Drive By Shootings, Unprovoked King Hits, Bashings, Reality TV & Fast Food!

    How Lucky Are We?


  17. snider

    355 posts.


    What would your father say to German and Japanese Nationals arriving by Boat (from 1939-1945) without Paperwork to support who they are and being given Welfare for Life and released into the community to do as they please.

    We have been at War for Years (War on Terror)in Iraq and Afganistan not to mention the Wests support for overthrowing Governments in Egypt, Syria and Libya and now the Whole Arab region is unstable and our back door is open and our Navy is a Taxi service.

    The West is starting to learn why such hard line Leaders were running those countries.

    What do you think the Israelis think of What we are doing?

    I think if something is not done we will not have to watch the news to see the destruction caused by fundamentalists, we will only have to look out our Window.

    Australia is a lucky Country, but I think we have had it to good for to long and have allowed our Christian Values to be eroded to the point were they are merely symbolic rather than literally representative of who we are and that is why we are being invaded. Gay legitimization and marriage are perfect examples of this.

    How can anyone who is a Christian support Homosexuality? They have either never read the Bible or are only symbolically a Christian.

    This is my opinion and is not intended to insult anyone.


  18. sypaladin

    10,748 posts.

    Good morning snider, T/U.

    Wish we had T/U back,to cut out the background noise.

    With no T/D so lefties would be able to see their good posters without being cancelled out with T/D.

    BTW I would read a Good Leftie post with T/U.

    I still do read some of them by using thread option.

    Can't discriminate, there is background noise from both sides.

    Once again a good post.

    Rudd ,Labor and now Sarah Hanson Young can't talk themselves out of problems they behave themselves into.



  19. seer

    6,472 posts.

    For how much longer ,Egyptians protesting in Sydney and Melbourne for what is going on in Egypt,we are now a nation of different tribes .Muslim protest in Sydney became violent because of some graffiti overseas.I have lived in the old Australia and the new and take it from me the old was safer and better.

  20. spanners

    3,523 posts.
  21. jantimot

    16,807 posts.

    "Did you have to grow up with a father who had his right arm shot up being a hero in New Guinea."

    You were lucky. Plenty grow up with parents much worse off than that.

    You're obviously proud of your Dad. I thought you'd be pleased with Howard giving the current generation the opportunity to be war heroes for the lucky country too.

    And you're unhappy about the GST, even though it reduced lower tax rates, but happy about carbon tax? And the flood levy? Increasing tax on LPG and ethanol? Reducing what you can claim on medical expenses?

  22. Denben

    5,913 posts.
    "IMO we need both taxation and IR reform to continue.


    I am particularly interested in the ideas you have on the IR reform side of things?

  23. bruceyg

    10,498 posts.

    ill save you the trouble -

    bring back workchoices

  24. Fat Bloater

    11,849 posts.

    "we're still a lucky country"

    And I see our luck improving on 7 September

  25. What a cop out to say people are like that!
    Quite like the Murdoch press front page about the Nazis in our midst.

    But then if we want to take it further who was the most bitter and peeved man in Australia for such a long time for not being able to form a mere Minority Govt.? First person to guess wins the next govt. :)))

    What do they say about the last resort of the desperate?

    Oops! is that me bowlderizing Samuel Johnson's "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel". A bit of lateral thinking needed there.

    A nice cool drink of bitters, lime and sparkling mineral water, anybody? LOL

  26. Fat Bloater

    11,849 posts.

    "What do they say about the last resort of the desperate?"

    Heather from memory they say they resort to spamming communist diatribe on HC.

  27. snider

    355 posts.


    I do not consider myself a Patriot, although I love Australia and its opportunity and freedoms which are being eroded by Socialism.

    Listening to your comments which are sounding more desperate are imo quite childish and lacking any depth, and from my experience when a person does not have facts they attack the Person.

    Your thinking is a perfect example of why Female leadership is so problematic and why Gilliard failed so miserably in everything she did.

    Men by Nature are able to see problems arising well ahead of them actually occurring as this is the way we were created. Men and Women are meant to compliment each other and when a Woman undermines a Man's leadership, they create a hell of a mess, as when there are no standards we all lose.

    The perfect example of this is a Single Parent Pension which a Woman can receive without any proof of a man's wronging doing and without any requirement of trying to get the Relationship back together unlike Work for the Dole for eg. The Social and Economic Costs of this policy is Huge and unquantified in the loss of productivity to the Country and the Lack of Moral disciple to the Children involved.

    If Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, then surely Socialism is THE ONLY refuge of the dim-witted and irresponsible.

    All my humble opinion and not intended to insult anyone.


  28. Hajji

    3,940 posts.

    We're only the lucky country to the free loaders arriving daily and those bludgers already here.

    To normal good and descent people we are seeing our country fast spiraling up it's own backside!

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