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weekend aftermarket lounge 16-19th august

  1. Trees

    20,517 posts.

    Good Afternoon all :-)

    Approx ending
    XAO: - 36.60
    XJO: - 38.50
    DJIA: - 1.00
    Russell 2000: - 1.20


    Tonight is a special night

    Party Bus arrives in Darwin
    Food just a simple a fair (All ready to eat at secret stop over):

    Spit of Lamb and pig
    Plenty of salad and bread
    Drinks via portable bar

    Have a cool weekend

  2. MemeFx

    2,040 posts.

    Thanks for opening Trees - thought you were lost out there.

    Made an appointment to see my GP today..because Fridays are usually a bit quieter ...so many DT opps today...so many mad people in the waiting room.

    +CDY was a carry over from yesterday... did well. I've done the wrong thing so many times on some of these trades, I'm starting to wonder if I'm actually doing the right thing. Maybe that's what Ms Market wants me to think .... She is very cunnning ....

    -TRY.. Might not have been a bad trade, but it certainly wasn't a good trade. Sitting on a small loss over the weekend.

    Between Schrodingers Cat and Ms Market trying to confuse me, it's been a good week - good income and more importantly, good learning, although I do feel a lot of news based trades got away from me, well actually I know it. Will fix it next weekk.

    In deference to the cat and nuclear science...timbuk3

    Have fun everybody.

  3. ericbasar

    1,794 posts.

    Thanks Trees.

    Afternoon all.


    I am really over this week and already looking forward to next weeks trading, so here it is…


    With Wall Street now appearing to run scared of expected September Fed tapering, US economic data from here on becomes crucial. What is not as clear is to just how Wall Street might react. Have we now seen just the trickle before the no-more-QE flood, in which case good economic data will be badly received, or is this just a summer-affected backdown from all-time highs that has the real money waiting in the wings for the right buying opportunity, in which case good data is good?

    Next week sees the Chicago Fed national activity index, new and existing home sales, house prices, the leading economic index and, significantly, the minutes of the last Fed meeting. Thursday is “flash” day, featuring August manufacturing PMI estimates for the US, Europe and China (HSBC).

    The highlight of Australia’s economic week will be the minutes of the last RBA meeting. The August statement was very little changed from July, but then Stevens went and did a Bernanke and used a speech to provide more definitive, if only off the cuff, guidance. Economists will be looking for clues in the minutes that might back up what most now expect to be another rate cut very soon.

    And there’s those earnings reports.

    Earnings reports, and lots of them. BHP Billiton (BHP) is in there, as is Coke-Amatil (CCL), Monadelphous (MND), QBE (QBE), Boral (BLD), Iluka (ILU), Suncorp (SUN), Woodside (WPL), Brambles (BXB), Fortescue (FMG) and the list goes on and on.

    Another big list ahead next week for financial calendar. Will keep you all posted as the trading day goes by.

    Have a great weekend all!

  4. Fat Bloater

    11,849 posts.

    Thanks for a great day today.

    I'll have to logout for a while so I can tally the profits.

    Hoping for a repeat on Monday.

  5. Cleo

    1,431 posts.

    Had a profitable week which should have been very profitable had I not sold 60000 PRU on Tuesday for 0.585.

    I would have been walking in Fields of Gold (sigh)

    Have a great weekend everyone. I'm off to the Gold Coast casino tomorrow. Any thoughts - red or black?

  6. shantaram

    5,031 posts.

    Thanks Trees

    Evening everyone and its Beer-O-Clock time

    Almost everything red today but still a fairly good week for me


    Energy +0.85%

    Materials -0.98%

    Industrials -0.02%

    Health care -0.73%

    Consumer discretionary -0.02%

    Consumer staple -1.27%

    Financials -1.05%

    Information technology -0.60%

    Utilities -0.21%

  7. shantaram

    5,031 posts.

    Fat Bloater was that really necessary to post before you wanted to log out?

  8. shantaram

    5,031 posts.

    weekend kick off

  9. shantaram

    5,031 posts.

    Market Movers

    Rises: 381
    Falls: 424
    Steadies: 1113

    Market Turnover

    Market Total 4,482,515,690

    Volume 1,733,664,355

    Trades 742,679

  10. Endless

    17,080 posts.

    Let's not talk about what we did wrong with gold trades.

    Have a good weekend folks. :>

    Scammer, come back. Walk away from the light. :>

  11. Cleo

    1,431 posts.

    I'm feeling your pain Endless.

  12. koro

    6,991 posts.

    had a good week due to BLY

    but psychologically been hard work -waking up to Dow down 220 means i did,nt enjoy my breakfast

    As i tell myself it will be okay,dont panic
    deep breaths-
    the brain screams

    your going to go to the cleaners today...add bots that never let you get infront of the cue..

    thank god its friday

  13. vintage6

    270 posts.

    Hello all
    What a month its been , surfed and explored Tahiti for 2 glorious weeks, Then 2 weeks exploring and surfing in Brazil ,
    interesting what the girls call a bikini over there......

    Before i left i did buy a few gold stocks at there low ... didnt even look at them while i was away. i should have ....
    would have sold them them and stayed on holidays for another month....

    Hope you all have been well.

  14. Fat Bloater

    11,849 posts.

    "Fat Bloater was that really necessary to post before you wanted to log out?"

    Shan was there a better time?

  15. Scouse

    5,481 posts.

    How about a spit of Fat Bloater

    Of or on - I'm not fussy.

  16. KriFra

    65 posts.

    Cheers Scouse-man

    Hey Cap'n Endless
    ....u aware they also do de-sal as a by-product and have the Yank and Oz Navy-types innerested

  17. Haplo

    3,912 posts.

  18. Not sure if this is a good idea or not but anyway...
    I have been mucking around with some home scanning/backtesting software and have got it to the point where it might give some useful results.

    Basic idea is to identify stocks which are likely to surge/spike in the next 5 days (nothing new there).

    Do this by
    1. creating a collection of scans (e.g. Rav, Giz, etc)
    2. run them against previous years data and/or portion of it
    3. analyse results (e.g. how many, success ratio, and average rise)
    4. pick the best 5 (or combination) and apply them to your watch list or the last couple of days of data.

    5. Fine tune the scans to be more effective
    6. repeat.

    I know a lot of people already do this either thru commercial software or something else and I know that peoples scans can be "secret".

    But if you are interested in finding the effectiveness of your scan then let me know. I can throw it in and see how it measures up.

    If there is interest I will post some of the results I already have later on (I don't have them handy).

    And if people want to take it offline I can supply a gmail address - will wait and see.

    So, there it is. Thanks to Rav, giz and others over the years who have provided advice and input. No surprise, but giz scans are very very good (have only just put Rav's in - so don't know the results yet).


  19. KriFra

    65 posts.

    Darwin Festival in full swing , too..
    Welcome , y'all !!!!!

  20. KriFra

    65 posts.




  21. Ravgnome

    3,310 posts.

    Good Weekend everyone,

    Trees, Darwin will never be the same after a HC party rolls through the place :-)

    shantaram :-)

    etc... :-)

    MickeyDundee, thumbs up buddy, run amok :-)

    Price & Volume Scans.
    0 - $1
    $1 - $100
    Vol > 300000
    Vol > prev Vol
    Close > prev Close
    $ Value traded > $30,000

    Please DYOR.

    SymbolNameClosePrev CloseVolumePrev VolumePrice % ChangeTrades$ Value Traded
    BAUBauxite Resources Limited0.1450.14781,473.00601,937.003.57117110,154.97
    CFECape Lambert Resources Limited0.1650.16347,321.00232,344.003.1254556,389.36
    MABMamba Minerals Limited0.550.54318,000.0050,389.001.85212175,410.00
    MBEMobile Embrace Limited0.070.066,634,075.00802,274.0016.667110439,779.58
    MLXMetals X Limited0.110.1760,428.0089,312.00103781,812.19
    OTCOtoc Limited0.0870.0821,012,898.0027,056.006.0982086,844.98
    PBTPrana Biotechnology Limited0.430.4151,057,388.00345,137.003.61499457,842.60
    PPPPan Pacific Petroleum NL0.110.1052,448,467.00226,000.004.76242267,359.15
    PPSPraemium Limited0.090.085500,000.0005.882445,000.00
    PVMPmi Gold Corporation0.420.4710,149.00155,021.00528284,512.08
    RDMRed Metal Limited0.0980.0921,150,868.0022,245.006.52245115,392.52
    REYREY Resources Limited0.0550.0531,238,000.0003.7741467,890.00
    RHGRHG Limited0.490.4856,972,181.00128,000.001.031883,435,848.87
    RMSRamelius Resources Limited0.1650.163,047,815.001,811,262.003.125120523,516.34
    SBMST Barbara Limited0.6650.595,201,431.003,817,515.0012.71211253,369,126.78
    SLRSilver Lake Resources Limited0.920.897,866,542.005,998,048.003.37121207,360,954.00
    TAPTAP Oil Limited0.520.515524,240.00188,453.000.97158271,902.41
    TGSTiger Resources Limited0.230.225603,068.00567,498.002.22279137,974.39
    TPITranspacific Industries Group Ltd0.890.873,341,674.001,023,559.002.29920412,974,667.90

    SymbolNameClosePrev CloseVolumePrev VolumePrice % ChangeTrades$ Value Traded
    ALFAustralian Leaders Fund Limited1.641.635322,104.00232,543.000.30644524,733.67
    CGFChallenger Limited4.364.281,708,064.001,378,612.001.86920847,367,459.98
    CPACommonwealth Prop Ordinary Units1.1851.17512,456,508.007,413,305.000.851111514,701,865.73
    DOWDowner Edi Limited4.184.152,671,892.002,265,389.000.723304111,203,868.13
    MGRMirvac Group Stapled Securities1.6551.646,778,894.006,120,001.000.915272811,143,446.35
    MMLMedusa Mining Limited2.382.283,076,416.001,675,995.004.38623657,401,248.95
    MMSMcmillan Shakespeare Limited11.5811.261,771,378.00674,448.002.842298720,493,250.35
    PIRPapillon Resources Limited1.1651.0753,124,308.001,794,225.008.37215063,590,665.11

  22. Ravgnome

    3,310 posts.

    Stocks making New 52 Week Highs & Lows

    (scan is daily)

    Please DYOR.

    52 Week Highs.

    SymbolCompanyNew HighOld HighLast Price
    ACKAUSTOCK FPO0.220.210.22
    ADJADSLOT LTD FPO0.0620.0590.058
    AHZALLIED HGL FPO0.0740.070.069
    AKGACADEMIES FPO0.9250.9050.925
    ALUALTIUM LTD FPO2.582.562.58
    AWKAUSWEALINV FPO0.420.390.42
    AZFASIF UNITS2.352.322.35
    BLABLUE SKY FPO1.61.551.55
    CLZCLASSICMIN FPO0.20.160.185
    CRZCARSALES FPO11.1311.1210.86
    CWECARNEGIE FPO0.0540.0490.051
    CWPCEDARWOODS FPO6.166.146.11
    CXXCRADLE RES FPO0.280.240.28
    FASFAIRSTAR FPO0.030.0240.03
    MKBMOKO MOBI FPO0.10.0970.1
    MQGPAMACQ GROUP CAP.NTE101100.7100.55
    OSLONCOSIL FPO0.1350.120.12
    PBTPRANA FPO0.4550.430.43
    PRLPETREL ENE FPO0.120.1150.12
    SHVSELECT FPO3.963.953.96
    STOSANTOS FPO14.7614.3314.54
    SWLSEYMOUR FPO1.351.331.35
    TTNTTN ENERGY FPO2.62.52.55
    VRLVILLAGE FPO6.436.386.35
    WBAWEBSTER FPO0.90.850.9
    ZERZETA RES FPO0.50.450.5

    52 Week Lows.

    SymbolCompanyNew LowOld LowLast Price
    ACPAUDALIA FPO0.1050.120.105
    CVGCONVERGENT FPO0.0120.0130.012
    EHLEMECO HLDG FPO0.20.2050.205
    EQEEQUUS LTD FPO0.0180.0190.022
    GGXGAS2GRID FPO0.0230.0240.03
    HOGHAWKLEY FPO0.0320.0330.032
    IGBISHUBSTRE ETF UNITS99.7299.8299.72
    LCRLACONIA FPO0.0040.0060.005
    MUMMT MAGNET FPO0.0080.010.008
    NHONEWHORIZON FPO0.0160.020.02
    PDNPALADIN FPO0.620.630.635
    TNGTNG FPO0.0360.0370.037
    WOFWOLFPETRO FPO0.0440.0470.044

  23. Ravgnome

    3,310 posts.

    Takeovers, Trading Halts, & Drilling.

    Announcements released today.

    (may not be complete list)

    Please DYOR.


    16/08/201316:22NGFNORTON GOLD FIELDSMarket sensitiveNotice of Compulsory Acquisition of KMC Shares
    16/08/201316:22KMCKALGOORLIE MININGMarket sensitiveNGF: Notice of Compulsory Acquisition of KMC Shares
    16/08/201310:38CDMCADENCE CAPITAL RHG: receives competing proposal - urges caution
    16/08/201310:38RHGRHG LIMITEDMarket sensitiveRHG receives competing proposal - urges caution
    16/08/20138:27CDMCADENCE CAPITALMarket sensitiveCDM announces Pepper Scheme to acquire 100% of RHG Ltd
    16/08/20138:27RHGRHG LIMITEDMarket sensitiveCDM: CDM announces Pepper Scheme to acquire 100% of RHG Ltd

    Trading Halts.

    16/08/201312:57BOEBOSS RESOURCES LTDMarket sensitiveTrading Halt
    16/08/201311:28MYGMUTINY GOLD LIMITED Trading Halt Request
    16/08/201310:49MYGMUTINY GOLD LIMITEDMarket sensitiveTrading Halt
    16/08/201310:05AOUAUROCH MINERALSMarket sensitiveTrading Halt
    16/08/20139:17CCZCASTILLO COPPER LTDMarket sensitiveTrading Halt
    16/08/20139:15RDRREED RESOURCES LTDMarket sensitiveTrading Halt
    16/08/20138:59HDXHUGHES DRILLING LTDMarket sensitiveTrading Halt

    Drilling Reports.

    16/08/20139:49PPPPAN PACIFIC PETROL.Market sensitiveVietnam Block 121 Drilling Update
    16/08/20138:28TONTRITON MIN LTDMarket sensitiveBalama Drilling Intersects Another 64m of Graphite

  24. Ravgnome

    3,310 posts.

    10 % Gain / 3 day Scan

    High > prev High.

    Low > prev Low.

    Close > prev Close.

    $ Value Traded > $50,000.

    Close > prev Close + 10% any bar in the last 3 bars.

    (scan is daily)

    Please DYOR.

    SymbolNameInd GroupHighLowCloseVolumeTrades% Change 2 days ago% Change 1 day ago% Change Today$ Value Traded
    ADJAdslot LtdSoftware & Services0.0620.0540.0583,788,9767217.39107.407226,050.44
    AGSAlliance Resources LimitedMaterials0.160.150.16625,88032-3.57114.8153.22696,654.59
    AMXAmpella Mining LimitedMaterials0.150.1450.151,457,02360-10.3453.84611.111214,998.09
    APNAPN News & Media LimitedMedia0.370.310.357,187,0705531.754020.692,461,718.85
    CCUCobar Consolidated Resources LimitedMaterials0.230.2050.2152,308,7831369.0912.77816.216507,462.17
    CGHCalibre Group LimitedCapital Goods0.520.480.512,054,0862691.256.17318.6051,024,833.43
    CTOCitigold Corporation LimitedMaterials0.0560.0530.0561,629,230132.0832.0411289,855.19
    CXXCradle Resources LimitedMaterials0.280.240.28719,10132-2.512.82127.273180,735.51
    FASFairstar Resources LimitedMaterials0.030.0220.0335,986,87332811.76510.52642.857939,179.44
    GBZGBM Resources LimitedMaterials0.0520.0450.0521,064,87524-6.5222.32618.18250,978.51
    LNRLonestar Resources LimitedEnergy0.2050.1950.21,394,859279.37511.4292.564279,589.30
    MDLMineral Deposits LimitedMaterials2.532.32.471,083,21779113.725-3.44810.2682,589,584.91
    MNCMetminco LimitedMaterials0.0490.0450.04615,026,290167012.8214.545700,303.03
    MOYMillennium Minerals LimitedMaterials0.420.390.42653,3515805.55610.526268,157.07
    NMINorthern Mining LimitedMaterials0.0230.0150.02219,827,45710211.1114057.143403,119.89
    OSLOncosil Medical LtdPharmaceuticals & Biotechnology0.1350.1150.123,450,1648119.3189.5244.348433,840.52
    PRLPetrel Energy LimitedEnergy0.120.110.121,458,3763512.9034.7629.091166,854.86
    PRUPerseus Mining LimitedMaterials0.8050.7050.78511,142,0612776-1.72414.91219.8478,389,413.01
    RMSRamelius Resources LimitedMaterials0.180.1650.1653,047,815120-6.66714.2863.125523,516.34
    SBMST Barbara LimitedMaterials0.6750.630.6655,201,4311125-2.6095.35712.7123,369,126.78
    SERStrategic Energy Resources LimitedEnergy0.0440.040.0443,565,66357202.77818.919147,633.66
    TGZTeranga Gold CorporationMaterials0.6450.5950.645455,588282-2.5862.65511.207275,415.64

  25. Ravgnome

    3,310 posts.

    Volume Breakout Scan.

    Smoothed Rate of Change is greater than 5.

    Volume is greater than 50 EMA of Volume + 50%.

    Price Range 0 - $100.

    $ value traded is greater than $100,000.

    Please DYOR.

    SymbolNameSROCVolumeCloseTradesPrice % Change$ Value TradedInd Group
    ABUAbm Resources NL6.06115,763,3740.0352276.061546,266.04Materials
    ADJAdslot Ltd7.4073,788,9760.058727.407226,050.44Software & Services
    APNAPN News & Media Limited20.697,187,0700.3555320.692,461,718.85Media
    AQGAlacer Gold Corp.8.3333,946,1273.2518148.33312,738,804.92Materials
    CCUCobar Consolidated Resources Limited16.2162,308,7830.21513616.216507,462.17Materials
    CGHCalibre Group Limited18.6052,054,0860.5126918.6051,024,833.43Capital Goods
    CLZClassic Minerals Ltd15.625868,9130.1854515.625152,848.35Materials
    CTRCitation Resources Ltd5.88211,224,4740.018605.882200,216.65Energy
    DMPDomino's Pizza Enterprises Limited8.9682,157,05512.8818788.96828,082,320.39Consumer Services
    FASFairstar Resources Limited42.85735,986,8730.0332842.857939,179.44Materials
    GORGold Road Resources Limited29.5454,087,6210.0578429.545197,526.10Materials
    ICQIcar Asia Limited5.357472,9150.59695.357275,174.11Media
    KCNKingsgate Consolidated Limited.8.8153,125,9451.97527118.8156,045,687.57Materials
    MBEMobile Embrace Limited16.6676,634,0750.0711016.667439,779.58Software & Services
    MDLMineral Deposits Limited10.2681,083,2172.4779110.2682,589,584.91Materials
    MKBMoko.Mobi Limited12.363,441,7630.17512.36322,079.28Telecommunication Services
    MOYMillennium Minerals Limited10.526653,3510.425810.526268,157.07Materials
    NMINorthern Mining Limited57.14319,827,4570.02210257.143403,119.89Materials
    OBJOBJ Limited11.7658,010,6520.0194211.765145,513.60Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
    PIRPapillon Resources Limited8.3723,124,3081.16515068.3723,590,665.11Materials
    PRLPetrel Energy Limited9.0911,458,3760.12359.091166,854.86Energy
    PRUPerseus Mining Limited19.84711,142,0610.785277619.8478,389,413.01Materials
    PVMPmi Gold Corporation5710,1490.42285284,512.08Materials
    RDMRed Metal Limited6.5221,150,8680.098456.522115,392.52Materials
    RSGResolute Mining Limited8.9828,013,3370.9124358.9827,118,867.70Materials
    SERStrategic Energy Resources Limited18.9193,565,6630.0445718.919147,633.66Energy
    SSNSamson Oil & Gas Limited6.4525,845,1220.033736.452193,781.92Energy
    TGZTeranga Gold Corporation11.207455,5880.64528211.207275,415.64Materials

  26. Haplo

    3,912 posts.

  27. Trees

    20,517 posts.

    I do not know about you but those Darwinites can party hard :-)

    Thanks all!

  28. MemeFx

    2,040 posts.
    I do not know about you but those Darwinites can party hard

    It always starts off as a party, then it evolves into something else....

  29. bossivic

    18,877 posts.

    Posted this on the stock thread and STT thread earlier punters regarding PTL:

    Topped up on some more White King this morning punters, the missus can't do without it.

    The big advantage PTL has is the strength of their brand portfolio, with strong brands that have been around for a long time. In FMCG world, brand equity is EVERYTHING. PTL has what can only be described as MUST STOCK brands for WW and Coles, the envy of many other consumer goods companies desperate to be ranged in the grocery duopoly.

    As such as the commercials continue to be turned around, PTL is likely to undergo a significant and sustained re-rating.

    Quite simply there is an astounding amount of room for the PTL share price to move in the coming months IMO.

    Technically, the PTL chart is a screamer. Once 2.8c breaks a 4c target comes into play, with length of room to move beyond that. I have watched the PTL action for awhile now, IMO she is very very close to a move to 4c ++. She is very tightly held.

    IMO both the fundamentals and the chart provide a rare opportunity here for a rewarding turnaround story. See the BUL chart for what I am expecting in the coming months for the PTL share price.

    The kitchen is heating up punters.

    Tempus Fugit

  30. ammie

    4,687 posts.

    Well the chinese surge really was a trader error.

    "Millions of mainland equity investors took a roller-coaster ride yesterday after an apparent "fat finger" trading error by China Everbright Securities which may have caused multibillion-yuan losses.

    As a result of the trade, the Shanghai Composite Index surged about 6 per cent in two minutes before the end of the morning session. Sixteen major stocks rose by the 10 per cent daily limit, leaving investors and traders to guess at what was behind the strong rally.

    Sources said a trader with Everbright was supposed to buy 30 million shares for the brokerage's exchange-traded fund. Instead, he mistakenly placed an order to buy 30 million lots, or three billion shares.

    The "fat finger" trade - so named when someone presses the wrong key when inputting data - cost Everbright an extra 3 billion yuan. The trade attracted more than 3 billion yuan of copycat buying from other institutions on speculation that some major announcement was forthcoming."

    Full story at: http://www.scmp.com/business/companies/article/1297123/china-everbright-securities-shares-suspended-amid-fat-finger

  31. gizard

    18,739 posts.

    where you been mickey ?

    current stocks im following below

    follow the money, tight stops as always,


  32. strauss

    14,045 posts.

    Got to love the Chinese

    When the US do fat finger trading the markets tank hard

    When the Chinese do fat finger trading the markets rally hard

    Got to love the Chinese

  33. working working working...

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