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SEA 63.0¢

very strong bullish signals in sp

  1. jimbolink

    163 posts.

    Above 8 ema and above 50 ema and Chico span has just moved above the SP. Tenken sen crossed above Kijun sen 2 days ago . Buyers are there getting on board at these low levels as far as I can see. Do your own research this is not advice in any way shape or form.
    Best wishes

  2. Ben2010

    9,001 posts.

    Aussiebulls put a Buy on SEA on the 8th July


  3. jimbolink

    163 posts.

    Ben 2010 Thanks for that .
    sincerely Jimbolink

  4. agentm

    6,125 posts.


  5. tobyjack

    6,064 posts.

    according to Fosters.....

    Lower A$, higher WTI oil, improving US growth, and Middle East instability positive for oil equities.

    Aurora Oil & Gas (AUT, $3.23, Mkt cap $1,447M); Oil Search (OSH, $8.10, Mkt cap $10,854M); Sundance Energy (SEA, $0.965, Mkt cap $446M); and Beach Energy (BPT, $1.35, Mkt cap $1,713M). Trading Buys.

    •So far year to date, the WTI oil price has rallied 14% from US$89/bbl to US$103/bbl,. Improving economic growth in the US, disciplined OPEC production, and heightened geopolitical risk in the Middle East (Egypt, Syria) have underpinned the oil price. During the same period, the A$ has declined 13% from US$1.05 to US$0.91. This means that effectively in A$ terms, the oil price has increased 33% from A$84/bbl to A$113/bbl. All this is a boon for investors in ASX listed oil stocks, especially those that are in production, given the translational impact on A$ valuations and shareprices.

    •While oil and gas stocks have rallied strongly over the past week, we believe there is still some catch up to do, given that most oil and gas equities have underperformed the A$ oil price movement year to date. Of the producers, we rate Aurora Oil & Gas (AUT), Oil Search (OSH), Beach Energy (BPT), and Sundance Energy (SEA) as the best exposure to the stronger WTI oil/weaker A$ theme.


  6. agentm

    6,125 posts.


    i posted this up a while back, seems fosters is echoing what a lot of people see is the imbalance wherethe share tanked instead of rose with the US dollar

  7. tilleydog

    1,109 posts.

    thanks agent
    is there any evidence to suggest we had one large seller affecting the sp?
    or was it just the weakness in the overall market?
    last nights oil price increase will help
    as an aside I note AUT is now picking up

  8. Zerodark

    2,186 posts.

    BA-Merrill Lynch 11-Jul-13

    Sundance's first three wells in the Mississippi lime have averaged 285 boe/day for the first 30 days of production. The broker has lifted the initial production forecast to 230 boe/day and raised the number of well sites to 110.

    After allowing for the dilutive $50m capital raising the price objective is reduced slightly, to $1.18 from $1.25.

    There is no value currently being carried for Woodford shale potential but there is upside risk with four wells scheduled to be producing by year end. Buy, High Risk.

  9. tilleydog

    1,109 posts.

    notice released after market closed today confirms there has been 1 large seller
    Probably continued its selling today which imo would account for 3c fall
    would think that once this selling stops the SEA sp will run like other oil stocks eg AUT

  10. Reason for the big sell off?

  11. Sdaji

    1,417 posts.

    I sold about 20% of mine just before the drop (not that I wanted to, but I needed some funds). It's sort of nice when your timing is lucky. 3c isn't that much of a drop (or rise) for this sort, or pretty much any sort of company.

  12. Feeling good about this week, am I right in thinking their is an ANN this week or is it next?

  13. Ben2010

    9,001 posts.

    Reckon we could see the SEA over 1.00 this week imo

  14. Ben2010

    9,001 posts.

    Buy/sell ratio just turned positive pushing share price into the green hopefully it stays that way and we head to a dollar today :-)

  15. Ben2010

    9,001 posts.

    The 4 analysts offering 12 month price targets for Sundance Energy Australia Ltd have a median target of 120.15, with a high estimate of 188.00 and a low estimate of 114.10. The median estimate represents a 25.81% increase from the last price of 95.50


  16. krusty900

    2,539 posts.

    300k buyer just turned up

  17. AMDG1

    312 posts.

    and was filled more or less immediately. Some news must be pending.

  18. looks like someone is spoon feeding the open market their .86 cash raise shares ...making themselves a nice little 10% in 30 days or so ...sux for us retail holders looking for $1 plus , but might be the last opportunity to buy under $1 going forward

  19. blackdog

    151 posts.

    interesting bit from eagleford shale.com
    peeler ranch 4?
    might be able to name wells the same?
    any thoughts-something to look at anyway, better than current share price,cmon end of oct

  20. Ben2010

    9,001 posts.

    The SEA level just hit 1.00 looking good to go further

  21. Hotfire

    15,521 posts.

    499,879 crossed at $0.99

    6 mth high at $1.13 looks like a stretched target.

    I think we may stall at $1.06

  22. Ben2010

    9,001 posts.

    There's been a couple of large orders got crossed today could do with another one to wipe those out at 1.00 :-)

  23. Hotfire

    15,521 posts.

    imo 1.00 wall is there for capping purposes.

  24. Ben2010

    9,001 posts.

    SEA pushed through the 1.00 mark again with another large order coming in. Hopefully a close above 1.00 for the day :-)

  25. krusty900

    2,539 posts.

    Some big cross trades today and also some big buys - something up..?
    $2 takeover:-)

  26. agentm

    6,125 posts.

    instos are trading amongst each other..

    have to wait for it all to end.. i am sure the sp is at the right level for the trades to happen..

  27. Agent007

    138 posts.


    $2.00 and out sounds like a beautiful number !

  28. Ben2010

    9,001 posts.

    Expecting a good day again for SEA. Good volume yesterday for it's 4% gains

  29. Ben2010

    9,001 posts.

    Trying to push through the 1.00 mark again reckon it may win this time :-)

  30. Sdaji

    1,417 posts.

    Dancing around $1 today, the market doesn't seem to want to take that as a reason to rally, and failure to rally doesn't seem to be causing a decline (I sort of expected it with a 'possible' capital raising in the 80s looming).

  31. Icharus

    287 posts.

    The EGM is for the ratification of the placement that has occurred. Any increase above 15% of issued capital in any 12 month period requires shareholder approval. It is a standard corporate business to ratify placements so that the company has available the capabilIty to raise funds when neccessary without the need to vote.

    There is no immediate plan to raise funds just keeping the powder dry.

    Approx 800 shareholders took up the maximum offer not a bad result gIven the sp was under water at the time of offer closing date. Nice vote of confidence.

  32. Ben2010

    9,001 posts.

    Oil price contunuing to rise reckon we could see a high tide on SEA this week :-)

  33. agentm

    6,125 posts.

    instos trading between each other

    another $1 mill after the close

  34. twinpeaks

    876 posts.

    Cheques in the mail....

  35. Ben2010

    9,001 posts.

    Trying to get over the SEA wall at 1.00 again today. Probably about the sixth time it's tried. Sooner or later it will get there :-) Then it will test previous high pretty quickly imo

  36. Ben2010

    9,001 posts.

    500,000 parcel crossed at 1.00

  37. When will it break the gates!

  38. Just wondering if someone could clear this up for me, It was my understanding that to place an order it was only to .05 increments. Does that only apply through some brokers? Or are brokers themselves the only ones who can place those bids?

  39. Bots going ape trying to bring down to .980

  40. price should be where it was before share placement/spp less dilution plus drop in $au and increase in oil.
    So should be about $1.2?
    Do we need to see production figures first?
    Then if good we should be heading to $1.5
    good luck all, what is holding SEA back?

  41. agentm

    6,125 posts.


    An EOG Resources operated well in the Eagle Ford Shale of Texas has set a new regional record for oil production. The well produced an average of 7,513 barrels of oil per day along with 6.8 million cubic feet of natural gas. It's estimated that even with a 75% decline rate from the well it will produce more than a million barrels of oil this year. But, it's really just a drop in the bucket for a company that produced 153,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day out of the Eagle Ford last quarter.

  42. Bobwins1

    147 posts.

    I don't know if this article is the full explanation for EOG's excellent results but it has to be part of the equation. EOG apparently is going with very high amounts of ceramic proppants in their EFS wells, resulting in record IP results but also lower decline rates.

    Here is the article. I would be interested in hearing what more experienced readers think.


  43. Katana

    1,745 posts.

  44. agentm

    6,125 posts.

    like clockwork

    share trades "after close" to the same price day in day out

  45. krusty900

    2,539 posts.

    If have been thinking the same agent - could SEA be in play..?

  46. tilleydog

    1,109 posts.

    krusty what have you got in mind?

  47. agentm

    6,125 posts.

    no idea why its locked to the present price point, other than the obvious massive crossings during the days and often after the close

  48. krusty900

    2,539 posts.

    No idea tilley - always like thinking of takeovers:-) just noticed that it has been closed the same lately and also the big crossings as agent said
    Probably absolutely nothing

  49. cowboy72

    296 posts.

    Could be price of poo is at recent highs and looks a bit top heavy, every time it gets this high it seems to have a correction back under 100. If so sea will drop down to low 90s or high 80s. The drilling won't happen fast enough to correct the drop in poo, I sold out this week and will sit on the side and watch, been holding this as txn for a long time now and decided to have a break. If it breaks 1 and shows good gains ill get back in but time for a break and watch poo.

  50. agentm

    6,125 posts.

    i am curious as to what is factored since the merger? $1.10 was the share price..

    the aussie has gone down 12% and the POO went up 24%.. and no impact on sea what so ever..

    if it is considered negative that the US$ went up 12% on the exchange and the actual price of your commodity you trade gave you a further 24% increase in earnings.. then until i see a +30% increase in sundance then i think a correction will be factored in. just on oil sales only, not reserves etc..

    right now the share has factored ZIP..

    my feeling on the yet to be factored ~30% price difference on oil/$US to the share, plus the massive capital spend on the EFS, plus the reserves upgrade potentially coming up, plus the fact this company will be earning potentially close to half its market cap by way of $200 mill in oil sales per annum very soon..

    how negative all this will be from this point onwards is yet to be seen

    imho some possibility there is a positive upside yet to come for sundance, a re rating??

  51. I think we will see a move higher. Look for a big move up next week. Quarterly report next week. Could be some very good results. My bet is the move higher starts tonight!

  52. Same trading pattern. Push price down early and shake out weak hands and then recovers on higher volume. Just a matter of time before it pops.

  53. krusty900

    2,539 posts.

    Another big crossing this afternoon and a close above $1 nice

  54. agentm

    6,125 posts.

    it just accumulates all day, then moves it off after the close


  55. twinpeaks

    876 posts.

    Quarterly due out this week should let the brakes off a bit.I wouldn't be surprised to see us in the 1.10-1.20 range next weekend.

  56. Ben2010

    9,001 posts.

    Now that we have broken out of the trading range of the last couple of weeks on the upside may well see new highs this week -:)

  57. jimbolink

    163 posts.

    Ben. Have you a view on CTP 13 cents please? Gone up today for some reason. Thanks Jimbolink

  58. Ben2010

    9,001 posts.

    Havn't followed CTP Jimbolink but I notice they have put out their quarterly today maybe to do with that.

    Nice to see some more large buying orders coming in this afternoon :-)

  59. Ben2010

    9,001 posts.

    The SEA looks like it's going to rise again this morning. Maybe not a tsunami but should be a few more cents in it imo. Hopefully can break new highs this week :-)

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