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the unfounded fear of muslim immigrants

  1. bundyau

    5,543 posts.

    It should all be left for all to see. It is an absolutely unbelievable attitude. If you weren't worried about Ic slam before you should be now.
    Thanks ddzz

  2. bruceyg

    10,533 posts.

    see? told you that you didnt understand the bible.

    the bible does indeed say what i quoted.

    Zech 14.4
    And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south.

    Isaiah 66:7-8
    “Before she goes into labor, she gives birth; before the pains come upon her, she delivers a son. Who has ever heard of such a thing? Who has ever seen such things? Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment? Yet no sooner is Zion in labor than she gives birth to her children.”

    forget rome - its not about her - look instead at islam and in particular turkey

  3. ddzx

    20,485 posts.
    I also strongly object to you or anyone else abusing this site to peddle Islam

  4. franky17

    191 posts.

    nickyjames knows the truth DDZX is just a lowsy trader who is angry and bitter.

    thats ok were all struggling on the market mate but thats no reason to loose your marballs

  5. I a not sure what your video is trying to prove.

    All I see is another young naïve person being sucked into a cult. This has been happening for generations, nothing new here..

    Do you think she listens to the mad man cleric Feiz Mohamaed who preaches so much hatred of fellow man?

    DDzx ..what is your opinion of Feiz Mohamed?

  6. ddzx

    20,485 posts.

    IMO, Feiz Mohamed has not found the true path. Like Nicky James, he speaks only rhetoric. The primal source of love in the world is found in women, who have the need to both give real filial (rather than sexual) love & be loved the same in return. Any man still rejoicing on have multiple girlfriends or validating sex tourism does not know or love women. The "love" of Feiz Mohamed for Islam is the same, ie, a perverted love & a wrong love.

    There are at least three kinds of love, as 1st explained by the Enlightened One and later shared by the one called Christos.

    1. Sexual love - Eros

    2. Filial love - filo

    3. Spiritual self-sacrificing love - agape

    Feiz Mohamed is in the gutter of repressed sexual love, which is no different to being on the gutter of only being able to function on expressed sexual love

    Filial refers to "family", seeing a woman as first & foremost a maternal being who wishes to love tenderly & be loved tenderly in return

    Both Arabic & Australian abusers of women or generators of hate, division & violence are the same

    This is why this crusade is Aussie redneck vs Arabic/Lebo (Feiz mohamed) redneck

  7. lisking

    499 posts.

    Another sucker. .. unfortunatly some people need guidence, or something to look up to.
    They imagine that there's some higher being, or that they can achieve some magical state of

    They give themselves up to what others have put into books and follow them without question.

    they don't have thier own thoughts, but the ideas of someone else. be that right or wrong.

    thats the worrying thing about humans.this blind faith in some imaginary thing. one thing is

    for sure, is that religion divides people.

    "We need humanity more than religion"

  8. ttrade

    163 posts.

    Hi there,

    I seems to me that you are on the "PayRoll" of a certain "Group" and a paid Propagandist....

    It is clear you are a very knowledgeable and informed person.....There are certain groups that may use a person like you for their own cause/causes....

    One thing you must know it that the if the English World are not on the world scene then you might not be able to display your intelligence like you are doing with the click of a mouse....

    Or still you might be relieving yourself on the banks of a river....

    Humanity owes a lot to the English people for their contribnutions to all beings....

    The British are brutal but they are not as brutal as Romans, Ottoman and Genghis Khan....These three gave nothing back to the Humanity...


  9. jessie1

    7,219 posts.


    And so that is one massive problem that you are clearly too green to comprehend:

    1/ Feiz Mohammed is not a follower, but a cleric - a preacher with thousands of follower including for example, one of the Bosto bombers

    2/ There are thousands of clerics just like Feiz Mohammed, each preqching to thousands of followers, directly and indirectly through their respective networks of family/friends.

    3/ There are tens of thousands more clerics who might not be as outwardly radical as Feiz Mohammed, but they choose not to condemn his words and each of these clerics in turn has thouand of followers, directly and indirectly through their networks who do not hear any condemnation of radical clerics and their fellow radical followers.

    The above points are the collateral damage that has massively intensivied the Islamic problem - it is not so much Islamic Fundamentalists that are the problem, but rather, this being the Fundamental Islamic problem...

    ...through their inaction, Muslims have created this global paranoia and this in turn further alienates them all (as a group) from the rest of us and in turn, increases the radicalisation...

    ... and this, young ddzx is your first lesson for the day - one good reason why the Middle Eastern Crime Squad is indeed, the largest crime squad in the NSW Police.

  10. ddzx... As Jessie said Feid is but one of many cleric nut jobs representing Islam and there are many as you only have to dial up cleric on you tube and see that. There are some real crack pots on there condoning murder, rape and oppression. Some obviously have very low IQ but still they will get like minded followers..

    Its hard to take you seriously being obviously intelligent yet your faith is represented by crackpots like Feid and his crazy friends... Why have the elders of your faith not put a stop to these mentally challenged saboteur's of your religion...?

    My theory is behind the scenes these retards are encouraged to conscript the weak of character via hatred teachings. These conscripts are easily bought to arms later to do the dirty work as we have seen with suicide bombers/pilots , the hideous Taliban and recent street riots etc...

    And you make the statement "the unfounded fear of muslim immigrants" you can't be serious!

    Hitler started small didn't he? Then it got to the point where if you disagreed with him you were killed. He also had a hatred of Jews and other cultures and considered his ideals to be superior to the rest of the world...
    Thankfully he did the right thing and topped himself. A cowardly act but that is another story..

  11. "This is why this crusade is Aussie redneck vs Arabic/Lebo (Feiz mohamed) redneck"

    So because we oppose feiz and his ilk we are "redneck"?

  12. ddzx

    20,485 posts.
    Hi there, g'day ...I seems to me that you are on the "PayRoll" of a certain "Group" and a paid Propagandist....

    it seems to me your mind is susceptible to imaginary hallucinations, like the 'religious' that imagine there is 'reincarnation', 'god', '2nd coming of Jesus', 'Santa Claus', 'Tooth Fairy', etc

  13. ddzx

    20,485 posts.
    So because we oppose feiz and his ilk we are "redneck"?

    that Feiz torments you & that you fear him shows you are redneck

    Feiz is just a moron (like DDZX) yet you take him so seriously

    wake up & have some respect for yourself

  14. jessie1

    7,219 posts.

    Young grasshopper

    I refer you to the 3 important points in my post 5 steps up.

    Please reread, take time to digest and then come back with any questions.

  15. ddzx

    20,485 posts.


    nothing you write is important

    you only write rhetoric

    it is the West that is the aggressor & these Islamic lunatics are like conducting a guerrilla war in retaliation

    your 'ilk' are those that send the children of a nation to war

    your ilk never know peace

    your ilk are ignored by the wise

    your ilk thrive on fear & self absorption

    good luck with that

    remember, Hilter had the same paranoid & denialistic pre-occupations as you

    bye for this thread

  16. "that Feiz torments you & that you fear him shows you are redneck"

    Hmmm odd thing to say... I fear him so I am a redneck?
    I don't fear him one bit. Why would I fear a lunatic?

    Hmmm another odd thing to say
    "Feiz is just a moron (like DDZX) yet you take him so seriously"
    You just compared yourself to Feiz!

    You said "wake up & have some respect for yourself "

    How does this even fit into the conversation?

    You seem a little lost or double nicking perhaps?

  17. jessie1

    7,219 posts.

    "bye for this thread"

    Young grasshopper - I am pleased that you have finally taken heed and will take time out to digest the bigger picture of Islamic networking and inaction against the fanatics.

    I trust you to your words "bye for this thread"

  18. ddzx... lol your reply to Jessie just described the muslim faith...


  19. I guess it is easier to call names and run away than to stay and debate.

    One can only presume he considers himself defeated by reason..

    or rednecks lol...

  20. nickyjames

    8,119 posts.

    "Like Nicky James, he speaks only rhetoric."

    Still waiting for all those advantages of Muslim immigrations. Oh, and why the 10 most liveable countries of the world are 'anglo' countries.

    When someone can't answer the real questions and continues to speak, then, we all know who speaks rhetoric.

    Anyway, seen enough in the past month or so and especially in the past few days to know how much credibility you have.

    ddzx - zero credibility.

  21. oorain

    5,253 posts.


    you really are a slow learner eh ? go back a few posts and i believe you will read where i said i would not ever open one of your wacky islamic videos

    nothing has changed but you keep on wasting your time.

    i will however, offer you a challenge,many posts on here have discussed or described many atrocities committed in the name of your allah

    i promise that if you provide examples of your allah's or his followers, who's work has been to the betterment of todays society, or who has acted in kindness and compassion to todays society, i wont match it by repeating any of the before mentioned, but will provide a completely non previously discussed act of terrorism or atrocity committed by the same

    i also promise if you give examples of any of your apparent,but as yet unseen 'good' muslims who have taken to the streets to condemn acts of terrorism then i will donate $50 to the hc fighting fund

    your ball amed, give it a shot

  22. ddzx

    20,485 posts.
    i also promise if you give examples of any... 'good' muslims who have taken to the streets to condemn acts of terrorism then i will donate $50 to the hc fighting fund

    no deal

    if you up your donation to $500 then it is a deal

  23. oorain

    5,253 posts.

    and that folks sums this subject up and we weall should be concerned

    not one example where allah's followers can hang their hat

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