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PDN 35.7¢

sellers be careful go long go long

  1. Grant64t

    847 posts.

    Just thought the need (my personal opinion) to inform the masses that a Short Position on Paladin, Energy Resources, in fact the entire Uranium Sector I would deem " Highly Uninformed " of the current dynamics developing within the Sector at present.

    A Boom In Uranium Prices Are Just Around The Proverbial Corner !

    Cheers from G64


  2. oslo

    3,898 posts.

    Looks like PDN won't be making a profit for a long time to come.

  3. Thompsjz69

    1,394 posts.

    All depends on the uranium price, how quickly that can change.
    Look at the price movement in the goldies as the gold price has turned around. Lots of upward movement there.

    So long as PDN gets cost controls in place now then they are strongly positioned for a rise when the market turns.

    At current SP it's pretty cheap and if the singaporean pension funds are in there then they must think its cheap also. They and the Norwegian sovereign funds are the best run in the world, so forgive me if I place more credence in their abilities than some of the opinions on HC.

    Debt has been restructured and offset for a while longer to allow the necessary structural changes to be played out in the company.

    No guarantees but looks like more time has been bought for the company to turn around from the current valuations.

  4. ptoki25

    240 posts.

    I know its a different industry but between Sep'12 and Nov'12 the Govt of Singapore were increasing their holding in Arrium from 6% to 7%. Since then Arrium is up over 70%.

    I bought another parcel today...PDN is being shorted big time and that will eventually change. Over the past week PDN has been sold off when the likes of Cameco and ERA have gone up...

  5. Thompsjz69

    1,394 posts.

    Looking forward to the short covering rally, should be good for a few points.

  6. ketamine

    629 posts.

    Going up $10/lb over the next 5 years would be abysmal and most uranium miners/explorers would probably die before then ...

  7. oslo

    3,898 posts.

    So you are in for a quick trade?

  8. Thompsjz69

    1,394 posts.

    $10/lb what do you base that on? Why not $30/lb? If you can pick commodity price movements you should be trading futures not posting on HC.

    And yes at these prices how can you not be in?

  9. oslo

    3,898 posts.

    For a quickie maybe but there are heaps of other stocks that can go up the same in the short term.

  10. Thompsjz69

    1,394 posts.

    No guarantees oslo, but I try to buy into shares that offer more upside than downside and the factors have aligned for this one at the moment, now for the SP to reflect value.

    I've also been buying other stocks but do think this should move once the recent misgivings on the leaky boat scenario have passed.

    Either way, its all a roll of the dice, just trying to maximize the factors in one's favour to offer a return on money invested.

  11. ketamine

    629 posts.

    If you look at the table it predicts ...

    Aug 2013 $35
    Aug 2018 $45

    Not a winning investment move if that were to occur!

  12. Thompsjz69

    1,394 posts.

    What do you honestly think that table's predictions are worth?
    Futures change very quickly is my point.

    Brokers have to quantify things but it's only a best guess and they change their predictions as the market changes and take no liability for their predictions.

  13. champ2003

    11,683 posts.

    What a misleading header!

    What this info tells me is that no-one is expecting any rises in uranium price until April 2015. That is quite a long time to wait.

  14. salty74

    830 posts.

    The one thing that scares me buying PDN is the debt. Everything else looks good - but the debt. Can anyone assuage me regarding this issue? Disclosure - I'm not short or long on PDN.

  15. ketamine

    629 posts.

    Sorry but that table is of little use. It's a crystal ball.

    Debt or no debt, we need the uranium price to go up or we are stuffed!

  16. yellowcake

    13,120 posts.

    Debt AND sovereign risk in Africa. I am sure JB is spewing he can't sink his teeth into Mt Isa.

    Timing was spot on for Namibia, poor for Malawi and absolutely terrible for Mt Isa.

    I will be surprised if PDN get away without having to sell one of these key assets.

  17. Betting that the NYMEX Uranium Futures Prices are wrong in the table provided would be a safer bet than backing a horse to win the Melbourne Cup in November.

  18. Thompsjz69

    1,394 posts.

    Maybe with some of the new cash they should start lobbying the Qld Liberal party and Campbell as they have stated they are friendly to Uranium mining.

  19. MrQ

    2,819 posts.

    They're already in QLD and Newman has said QLD is uranium mining friendly. I'm surprised more hasn't been done there already. Maybe it's the cost of actually progressing it [??]

  20. 3suns

    187 posts.


    Like you, I 've looked at PDN too and think it ticks a lot of boxes, but the debt level for me is a killer. I''m also not long or short, and even at these low prices I feel I just should hold off - I will look again if it goes sub 50c

  21. The only transaction that should occur with the money raised is pay off debt....

  22. simon

    3 posts.


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