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CDB 0.1¢


  1. potgut

    5,252 posts.

    The manipulation is obvious ,we have someone forcing it down ,,fortunatly i,m not out of ammo yet ,,lol.

  2. cromwell

    250 posts.

    Not sure its manipulation, if the sell side depreciates with each transaction then it seems to be normal trading. ST Traders getting out.

  3. potgut

    5,252 posts.

    Remember it all could be finance related ??? but at a market cap of 2.7 mill its value buying at the moment imo. the spikes here are very good for medium term trading .

  4. mtom

    783 posts.

    Grabbed some more at 1.3. Bidders building 1.2, 1.1. As you say potty, short term it's a no-brainer.

  5. Balanced

    713 posts.

    So no ideas from any one regarding when we can expect results for gold iron? I might have to contact management. Cara results took 4 weeks longer than announced. The good news is that at least the drill cores for gold iron look a lot better than those for Cara.

  6. potgut

    5,252 posts.

    I,m calling this the bottom in this phase of trading ,if i,m right i reckon we will see 1.6-1-8c over the next week ,,,finance games being played by the traders ,,Jiangxi will be the funders imo.

  7. All we need is some good results at gold iron or a finance update up Marianas to send CDB flying... Hopefully Jiangxi will front up some cash considering they're the off take partner..

    Do your own research

  8. Well guys looking like you might get your wish for cheaper shares! with any luck they might do a cut price capital raising so that you can really load up!

  9. marco1966

    2,056 posts.

    "I,m calling this the bottom in this phase of trading ,if i,m right i reckon we will see 1.6-1-8c over the next week ,,,finance games being played by the traders ,,Jiangxi will be the funders imo."

    Dream on, I bought these before the announcement @ 1.4c and 1.2c, sold at 2.2c after TH was lifted, and will get filled again at 1.2c any day now. You guys crack me up, someone even mentioned a gradual rise to 20c the day it spiked to 2.3c. This is nothing but a dog stock only fit for very short term trading.

  10. potgut

    5,252 posts.

    Cheer up arco ,,i,m sure we will see your good side once your back on board this terrible ""dog stock"" you just need to lift your offer price to 1.4c by the looks.

  11. Marco, there's a seller with 50,000 at 0.014. I'm you could grab those to have a big punt

  12. Doesn't look like Marco is picking up his $0.012's afer all.


  13. mtom

    783 posts.

    Poor old Marco - not. Just rapt I accumulated some more the other day at 1.3.

  14. Marco, you should have listened and taken those 50,000 at $0.014 I was telling you about this morning.

    Looks like its up from here IMO

    Do your own research

  15. fast41

    2,276 posts.

    hi there,
    Fantastic developments.This company ticking all the boxes for
    the future.With the current price,market cap,exploration upside,and support makes this a no brainer.I remain totally confident that this company will produce the goods and make shareholders very happy when the time is right.Ground floor opportunity to make a fortune.Time is the greatest asset.

    Kind regards,

  16. coppashaft

    4,627 posts.

    Sell side is on the increase...will be watching it to get hit.

  17. fast41

    2,276 posts.

    give it time it will.Also known as an illusion.

    kind regards,

  18. I agree with Fast41. Things are looking up for Condor. IMO once the Marianas Iron project has been funded by Jiangxi debt financiers, the company will have ongoing cashflow to fund their northern Chile exploration activities. This will provide the real upside IMO.

    Good luck to all who hold. Do your own research

  19. marco1966

    2,056 posts.

    Thanks for the good wishes guys, in at 1.4 yesterday, out at 1.6 today. Didn't you know when you down ramp a stock it goes up? And vice-versa? LOL

  20. grinner17

    797 posts.


    one of those fellas, "never lost a dollar on the stock market" i will keep a close eye on you to track your progress in the future

    Marianas now is financed lets get into production

    $$ coming in for Gold Iron, Carachapampa, Yaratas

    bottom prices hey fast.

  21. marco1966

    2,056 posts.

    Grinner, just looking at your history it appears CDB is the only stock you've ever owned. It's no wonder you're upset. Good luck with your long term investment.

  22. grinner17

    797 posts.

    Thanks Marco for your interest. I do have others but love cdb

  23. fast41

    2,276 posts.

    hi grinner,
    great future with CDB.Only warming up.The next few months will be sensational.

    comments like:
    "The funding commitment is an effective "backing" of Condor by Jiangxi will provide the impetus for the transition into production of iron ore at Marianas."

    "In an era where cash is king, impending cash flow generation from Marianas is a differentiator"

    kind regards,

  24. potgut

    5,252 posts.

    This deal looks to be a real game changer for CDB,

    Jiangxi are not loading up with cheap options and management seem to want to keep the register pretty tight .

    We have a new management team running the show and Dr Paul Crosio has the pedegree and investment banking experience to relly put CDB on the rerate path

    CDB should be able to support a market cap around the $15 mill mark at the moment imo ,so a share price around the 5c mark ,thats my target ,lets see how the next 6 months pans out.

  25. On 17th July, mtom (post 9524317) and potgut (post 9525430) were both spot on. The price was 1.3 and 1.4 cents respectively at the time of posting, they picked up stock and their call was that there would be funding and it would bounce from these levels with an a funding announcement which it did. Well done, great call.

    Yesterday on the 18th, marco1966 in post 9526808, with no stock held, tells potgut before the announcement to dream on that we will see 1.6 - 1.8 cents over the next week and that Jiangxi will fund it. However potgut was right. Jiangxi will fund and we have already seen the prices potgut said.

    marco also says yesterday on the 18th, that they will get filled at 1.2 cents any day now. marco1966 whilst referring to people like potgut and mtom, says "You guys crack me up"

    marco1966 later on Thursday 18th July, in post 9529606, says that they had purchased stock on Wednesday 17th July at 1.4 cents and sold it on Thursday 18th July at 1.6 cents.

    So either marco1966 lied in the disclosure of post 9526808 that they had no stock, or in their own words, dream on, that they bought at 1.4 Wednesday and sold at 1.6 Thursday.

    Either way marco1966, in your own words, "You crack me up".

    May I remind everyone that on every post, if you go to the right hand side where it shows "Post Options" the button to "Ignore Member" is third from the bottom

  26. mtom

    783 posts.

    Don't you know it is naughty to tell fibs marco?

  27. Can someone confirm the actual capital requirements and whether the latest deal will fully fund them to production?

    Also what are the timelines for the project?

  28. marco1966

    2,056 posts.

    It's amazing the percentage impact one measly unit can have on the closing auction price of a 1.6c stock.

  29. cromwell

    250 posts.

    Unbelievable your insight and knowledge of the market, you were right it is amazing how one disturbed unit can change the closing price.
    Wonder who sold the one unit in the course of sales.

  30. marco1966

    2,056 posts.

    You're a genius Cromwell. I just hate leaving open sell orders overnight with one unit outstanding. Makes record keeping a little messy. Have a good weekend.

  31. marco1966

    2,056 posts.

    But in all fairness I can't take the credit for the 1.5 close, there was a buyer at 1.6 but unfortunately a larger seller at 1.5.

  32. cromwell

    250 posts.

    Thanks for your compliment however I was trying to keep my affiliation with Mensa a secret.
    Have a good weekend yourself and sleep well.

  33. Daning

    2,716 posts.

    When is the next pump?

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