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MNC 0.4¢

price target

  1. My short term price target is 0.097-0.10 cents...

  2. Traders !

    Don't forget that Canaccord has 19p price target 0.32 cents...


  3. snicket

    3,160 posts.

    I'm not a trader and I haven't forgotten

  4. Deano74

    245 posts.

    Us 'longterm holders' will hang in till the finale. Averaged down all the way to 1.7 and wont be selling till in the 20s at least. Like Tony Montana said "every dog has its day"

  5. peaceAKKI

    14,829 posts.

    Charts just so damn sexy and treading quietly as it has my targets not as high as your 0.097-0.10 but we'll see what happens. The pennant flag had 0.062 target but the way it's now played with the bull flag projection lifts it to 0.07 but again i'll just play it as it comes.

    GL to all plenty of gas left in the tank.

  6. rich1612

    2,385 posts.

    Was about this time yesterday the sellers came in, will be interesting to see what happens this afternoon.

    Some might not wish to hold over the weekend.

    Time will tell...

  7. peaceAKKI

    14,829 posts.

    Good thing is it's been very low volume today comparative to recent sessions so likely not many traders in the field gasping for an exit. We'll see

  8. rich1612

    2,385 posts.

    a not very subtle 800k sell at 4.6 plonked on - get 'em while you can under 5c!.

  9. peaceAKKI

    14,829 posts.

    It's still a good close and trend still rules the roost.

    Again another attempt at breaking the flag and a higher price touched but failed to hold the ground before retreating albeit closing again at a higher price than the previous session.

    Higher Highs Higher Lows = YUM

    I was always a big fan of McLaren & he was adamant about three touches either side being breaking points.

    Peace says Flag next week BANG :-)

    HAGW all

  10. HungHing

    2,146 posts.

    As I speak MNC on the LSE is up another 10% at 2.93p = 5c AUD.

    Lets see where this finishes up on the LSE. A big monday for MNC here on ASX...looking forward to a great start to a new week.

  11. reubes

    64 posts.

    Has MNC been generally been following on the LSE same as here each day?

  12. Hans Brix

    2,853 posts.

    More or less they are in unison.

    Like a dance.

    Its nice to watch.

  13. HungHing

    2,146 posts.

    i guess it gives you an indication...

  14. mrblu

    433 posts.

    Great response from the LSE. Up almost 15% now with 30 mins to close equivalent of ~5.1c. Looking forward to what next week will bring.

  15. Hans Brix

    2,853 posts.

    5c monday no problems.

    Strong as a.. well..

    A bull!

  16. peaceAKKI

    14,829 posts.

    I see the big flag rising as winds set sail :-)

  17. mrblu

    433 posts.

    Looks like we're going to gap up again.

  18. snicket

    3,160 posts.

    Set up beautifully by London. Looks like our UK Chairman is doing a cracking job

  19. bund1234

    478 posts.

    Not if you bought at 20 cents and above

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