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CZN 0.5¢

looking very sick now

  1. robmm

    506 posts.

  2. buda

    2,273 posts.

    Most of the buying happened above 5.5 cents , how much lower can it go?

  3. BadComputer

    1,611 posts.

    Are you guys a double act?

  4. redux

    2,797 posts.

    VWAP 6.05

  5. sck

    3,384 posts.

    'How Can'

    Does anyone know how big this is.....

    I suppose not.....

    First drill program ....ever......

    Prices can go much higher without assays....simply because no one knows what size it maybe........

    If they do hit some 'monster' sulphides.........well, 6 0r 7 cents maybe a 'minute' amount........

  6. buda

    2,273 posts.

    @SCK no need to say more : )

    "Corazon Mining (ASX: CZN) has intersected massive sulphides, including copper sulphides, in drilling at its Top Up Rise copper-gold project in Western Australia’s Gibson Desert region.

    Samples from all drilling to date have been submitted for analysis and results are expected in August.

    Top Up Rise Project targets an unexplored gravity anomaly that has a 10 kilometre by 6 kilometre core with no coincident magnetic high, a common association with many iron-ore copper-gold deposits.

    Corazon is targeting IOCG intrusive related deposits, similar in style to Olympic Dam, Prominent Hill and Carapateena.

    The closest outcrops (some 20 kilometres away) are anomalous in IOCG pathfinder minerals (including rare-earths, haematite, magnetite, copper, gold and uranium) and are adjacent to a large Proterozoic age intrusive alteration system with geochemical characteristics common to known world-class copper-gold deposits."

  7. evopilot

    2,932 posts.

    looking dead right now !

    WTF ?!

  8. Why is everyone surprised something that went up 150% in a couple of hours is now pulling back?

    The stock is still approx 90% up from yesterday, it's early days overall and we are drilling a potentially telling hole right now - unless you bought in the rush earlier - be happy!

  9. redux

    2,797 posts.

    wash and repeat, wash and repeat....

  10. jin12345

    1,353 posts.

    It might look more sick on Monday. Hopefully I am wrong.

    A lesson to learn for those who bought 7c today. But as long as you manage to hold, you should be fine.

    One thing to remind all of us, assays results will only be released in early August.

    I am looking to pick up some next week.


  11. evopilot

    2,932 posts.

    trading looks like same buyers and sellers, ie. line is taken out and loaded up at same price almost instantly.

    Not sure what that means though ?

  12. rbgould2008

    1,806 posts.

    I would not wait too long the geo signature of this deposit is looking like the early days of prominent hill .A deep 1000m hole into TUR could be the company maker for CZN.
    I do not think they will have too much problem raising more cash with these latest encouraging results.
    It is early days but a 100% rise today is not too foul at all.

  13. evopilot

    2,932 posts.

    time to get a real job.

    Im sick of this shit !

  14. jin12345

    1,353 posts.

    Have you look at ADN.
    Initially, the SP up 300% and now .............

    I am not saying the future of CZN is not good, you just have to admit that nowadays there are so many "wolfs" out there. They try to make quick money, do whatever they can.

    The best thing to invest in junior mining company is not to buy after news, is to buy before the news.

    For me i think the best time to buy is around end of July or early august (before the news) and wait til all short trader sell out and wait for the price stable.


  15. 20103030

    1,790 posts.

    I'm still laughing - definitely not a DTer - I made $30 on CZN today! :)

  16. Jkjksn

    18 posts.

    First post on hot coppers - I made $40 first day trade - been lurking the forum for a while and just getting into the game :)

  17. Shooting star and massive gap to fill. Not a good look.

  18. Jkjksn,

    Congratulations on losing you HC virginity.

  19. BadComputer

    1,611 posts.

    One crate of our stein lager vs one crate of your vic bitter cc Monday opens higher :)

  20. Bomber78

    4,238 posts.

    charts are absolutely useless when it comes to specs Crimson...

  21. Chances are it will open higher monday. Vic bitter?

  22. rbgould2008

    1,806 posts.

    I agree with you mate but the leverage at this current price is fantastic.
    If the next hole is a good one thyen this thing could triple again.
    Its market cap is only $12.0 mil and if we get a sniff of a Prominent Hill or Olympic Dam type of deposit then this will be a multi bagger.Mark my words.

  23. HappyCats

    8,151 posts.

    It looks like CZN and CXO (at Paradise Well) are chasing similar style targets at this early stage. TAS got pumped much higher early for the nearology, coincident geochem/geophysics, and because the expectation of finally being allowed onto the cherished ground (+RIO).

    IMO, it's hard to compare market caps and make sense of anything at the moment with everything beaten up. Basically I've been doing more productive stuff and keeping the kindling dry waiting for the Phoenix to rise.

    The odds get out of whack if you've got too many desperados selectively feeding info to the market. The whole game could do with another SFR / SIR to come along. IMO, marginal grade stuff won't be rewarded so well - ref: SOC.

  24. 3500

    5,425 posts.

    Took a position at close.
    Not really qualified to give any meaningful comment on IOCG or anything to do with rocks,for that matter......I just liked the VOLUME.
    The odds favor something big to stir the crowd to such an extent.....notwithstanding the less than ideal close.

  25. V8

    6,834 posts.

    Congrates on the heart HC, long overdue imo.

  26. sharman

    514 posts.

    The way i see this so far is basically they haven't found anything exciting yet. Diamond hole 3 from czn's description is they have hit 2 very small patches from memory i think 2 three metre sections with moderate too high grade copper. In my book i would never invest on such flimsy results. Hopefully diamond hole number 4 hits something of substance. If they hit something of substance in the next hole i may invest. But everything between now and some reporting of hole number 4 is just one huge gamble. To the gamblers and day taders goodluck.

  27. BadComputer

    1,611 posts.

    Oh I am so loving this
    It just used to be a handful on here
    Now we have not ever holding posters taking their time to interpret recent announcements for the benefit of others
    Yee ha keep it coming

  28. Bomber78

    4,238 posts.

    Us Aussies are a caring lot hey bads lol ; )

  29. BadComputer

    1,611 posts.

    Where were they when we were backing the truck up?

  30. sharman

    514 posts.

    I see no one has disagreed with my post. I think its only fair to put it out there especially to people who dont know much about geology but invested yesterday on a very cleverly worded announcement.
    So many small caps fly on pretty ordinary results like yesterdays. There are so many small cap one hit wonders that fly on an initial drill hit and never fill there potential and then offcoarse sink back into oblivion just like there share price. So all im saying is to those who are uneducated, investing before knowing what diamond drill hole number 4 contains is a massive gamble. And thats the cold hard truth. To those who invested yesterday a massive goodluck and i sincerely hope you make a shit load of coin. And to those who invested earlier congratulations you are already sitting on massive profit.

  31. BadComputer

    1,611 posts.

    How about some disclosure
    You seem to be offering guidance for newbies
    You sold Lnc at 80 and less than a month later it's 1.73
    Human behaviour is a wonderful thing
    What motivates people to suddenly become the voice of reason or of concern
    Confuscious says don't worry about the snow on your neighbours roof when your own doormat is not clean

  32. AGROS

    1,103 posts.

    sharman - drill hole 4 is a massive gamble..

    well considering it is in the heart of the anomaly in terms of density from what I could recall I consider it to be less of a gamble than the first few holes..

    that said no risk no reward, if it comes up trumps you can expect to see another day where the sp rises 100%+

  33. sharman

    514 posts.

    Badlandsbrute you are right i did make a loss on lnc. I did not sell at 80 cents. I bought at 1.22 and sold at 96 cents. So I admit i didnt play that well. Im far from perfect and my record of investing so far isnt very impressive. But im still in the black and sitting on a substantial profit. Currently im sitting on 2 stocks i know i will make big profits off and i can honestly say im not that unhappy to have missed guick profits on lnc. The volatility in that stock is scary and the share price massively manipulated.
    Im sorry if what im saying hurts you and the truth hurts i know. If you can help people through experience, why not. Dont worry brute i wont be delving into your past records on hotcopper to attack you.
    Ps brute i note you havent disagreed with my points about czn and i hope you make a shit load of coin too, goodluck mate.

  34. Agent Cooper

    3,501 posts.

    Thumbs up from me for that post sharman. Sounds to me like you know how to play this game. Sometimes, its not at all about the drilling - just the weight of $$$s being thrown at the "stock of the moment" and riding the volume + volatility.

    It also sounds to be like you are very sober and honest about yourself and your trading.

    Good luck.

  35. sharman

    514 posts.

    Thanks Agent Cooper :)
    And i have no doubt you and many others will make money trading the volume and volatility. Goodluck mate and im now gonna take confuscious's advice and butt out lol. Ive had my 2 bobs worth and have nothing further to add.
    Goodluck to all.

  36. sharman

    514 posts.

    Ahh in my last post i accidentally posted i had a position. I just want to clarify i do not.
    Adios :)

  37. ainsleym

    1,074 posts.

    As mentioned in an earlier post , Olympic Dam had 13 drill holes ( think that was the number) showing nothing before they hit the bonanza area . Just goes to show there is a lot of drilling that may be required on the TUR system given its monster size before we really know anything for sure, good or bad.

  38. Bomber78

    4,238 posts.

    Yeh a few Wally's starting to appear on the thread. First real drill hole of a 60sq km area (NB first hole was a test of the basement) and it returns 193m of dis sulphides coupled with massive sulphides. Not a bad first hole eh?

  39. Corker

    824 posts.

    I was sitting off an island in phuket, holidays and read the Ann. Made my day, I couldn't be happier and don't think we could have asked for better at such an early stage of drilling. Massive sulphides were a huge surprise, if we can hit a larger intersection of massive sulphides again, this will fly again. Made me laugh when people are saying its too risky buying at the current SP, this could be stock of the year on the next drill hole for all we know, a real possibility. I was finally in the green friday after 2 years of losses and avg down. Excited to see what our excellent team can uncover, astute bunch these guys.

  40. BadComputer

    1,611 posts.

    Nice to hear you again corks
    Funny these new poster huh
    This was worth 16c on lake Lynn alone back in the day
    Interesting 6 months

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