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fundamentals month of july

  1. 3500

    5,423 posts.

    I am not fussed about MBE's profit....not expecting one this year.
    All I want from MBE is growth...solid balance sheet,without them begging the market for cash....profit is sure to follow...plenty of it.

  2. valen1828

    5,057 posts.

    3500 Not sure if your still in mix or not .I still get alerts for different things .

    Interesting one this one perhaps .Not sure if its to do with the trust mix .Be surprising if they are buying again?


  3. 3500

    5,423 posts.

    Yes valen.
    Still holding MIX....Quite safe....Upside potential to 25c.

  4. valen1828

    5,057 posts.

    One of those of many mistakes i have made selling them.Solid stock. I used to gauge a lot of different things off them .

    If the industrial areas of Usa start getting hot should bode well as an economic indicator?

  5. finch2

    9,126 posts.

    Yes I remember when MIX was under 10c and trading at a large discount to NTA.The other one that was great value was BAO which has since delisted.There was some great value in the property trusts that got smashed after the GFC.If you could work out which ones were trading at big discounts and were able to ride it through.

  6. valen1828

    5,057 posts.

    The two trusts i invested in around that time taught me a lot about fundamental differences in units versus equities etc .How the capital structures are etc etc.Differences in being able to raise capital or not.

    Css has its quarterly report out now Finch .I dont see anything alarming at all or probably not known to the market already? Expecting to return to cashflow positive late 2014 15 possibly.

    Secretary has not signed it but maybe because its stated as saying is commentary perhaps nothing more ? Or simply forgot.

    Most likely going be a long term hold now for me this one .I like the idea of sustainable farming practices and love fish.

    I see good capital gain in this if a turn around story developes well. The main one is they need now be able fund their activities without going to the market.

  7. finch2

    9,126 posts.

    I have looked at CSS in the past valen1828 just had another look.It seems to be on the right track I like what they are trying to achieve.By FY15 and with 1,500 tonnes they expect to be profitable.They did the share issue recently to sure up the balance sheet.

  8. valen1828

    5,057 posts.

    Thanks finch. I see they have placed this in the notes .I took it as positive that maybe the cost associated with research can now be self funded from company activities ?

    1.9(e) Reallocation of Tuna research costs to investing activities has ceased. All Tuna research
    costs are shown in 1.2(e) – other working capital.

  9. J8

    7,513 posts.

    A good looking chart and a very interesting company.

  10. finch2

    9,126 posts.

    Reading into those notes valen1828 CSS will probably expense the research off straight to the profit/loss.Previously they may have capitalised those costs and wrote off over say 5 years.I would prefer to see something like that go straight to the profit/loss to show the true picture.They should probably get some government grants for those activities such as a biotech company does?

  11. valen1828

    5,057 posts.

    Thanks finch2 I have not looked to deeply into the fundamentals so appreciate your help.The thought crossed my mind that perhaps they had received such a grant and maybe it needed be separate.

    Not really sure .Good thread you have going here if i come across things that i think may interest you will post as i am technical focused but appreciate how difficult it is to root out the value in the market on the fundamental side of things. Find a little gem somewhere in the listed companies etc

  12. 3500

    5,423 posts.

    GCG ...A technical buy.
    Fundamentally OK.

  13. finch2

    9,126 posts.

    GCG there is some board movements and they talk about a change of control transaction.Maybe they are putting the company out there for a takeover etc?It is on the cheap side.

  14. finch2

    9,126 posts.

    You have to love the gaming stocks.People just love to gamble.EBT has a guidance up 15% NPBT.

  15. homieboy

    153 posts.

    HI Finch2\3500,

    Can you shed some light on EML. The share price has doubled in space of last 2 months. EML still has to make a profit but the market is loving it.

    Love to hear from you 3500.

  16. 3500

    5,423 posts.

    Hi homieboy,
    The market likes EML ...Perhaps because of:
    1) Its business model.
    2) profit margin.
    3) Scalability.
    4) Its immature market with significant growth potential.
    5) Its Heavyweight management.
    6) All of the above & more.
    EML is a lot more "overvalued" than many mature businesses with stable profits & hefty NTA but their growth potential is limited.

  17. finch2

    9,126 posts.

    Well said on EML 3500.There are a couple of investment reports on the EML website both have higher price targets.

    Cashflow is out on RFL positive on operating and ramping up the business.

    High turnover on ANO expect a substantial notice.

  18. finch2

    9,126 posts.

    A move up on MBE was warrented as the company gains customers.It may have got ahead of itself though.

  19. homieboy

    153 posts.


    On MBE and probably also VMT, can they repeat there cash flow positive quarters?????
    VMT has gained a market share in china but other places VMT is struggling to get market share. With MBE, Are they making any profit or close to making profit???

  20. homieboy

    153 posts.


    RXP delivered a good quaterly report. Cash receipts have been up and the new acquition have been made. Market might like the direction the company will be heading.

    Can we please also have a discussion forum for August as well finch2. Your insight have been helpfull in my learning process.

  21. 3500

    5,423 posts.

    Took interest in SMA over the last few months.
    Worth having a look at.
    Mobile Apps/billing/lottery in a large Chinese market.
    Has some cash.
    Also some valuable mineral interests.
    Could grow big.....No profits yet ,but starting to get its act together.....Could hear the coins ringing.
    Holding quite a few million.

  22. finch2

    9,126 posts.

    Hi homieboy both MBE and VMT are on watch.VMT has just started to be profitable and MBE is close.I was closer to buying MBE but it has moved up.I will have a look at their results and see how they are tracking over the next 6-12 months.Both are worth keeping an eye on.

  23. homieboy

    153 posts.

    Hi 3500,

    Last time I checked SMA had there hands dirty on mining, mobile apps etc. The company direction is bit shady.
    Has there been a management change or have SMA finally decided to only focus on Mobile apps.

  24. 3500

    5,423 posts.

    Yes homieboy,
    There have been new faces on SMA board.
    Geoff Raby ...A former Ambassador to China was appointed Chairman.
    Ian Tang...A Chinese investor that took 211m shares at 0.005 is on the board.
    John Forsyth ..A founder & previous Chairman resigned.
    All good for doing business in China.
    Founders hold over 30% ,which is nicely balanced by Ian Tang's holding.
    The chart Looks poised for a break out of a large base.
    Quite comfortable with SMA technically & fundamentally.

  25. 3500

    5,423 posts.

    There is nothing in EML's 4C that supports a market Cap of $40m.....Still a -ve cash flow business.
    Why does the market & I like it?.....Perhaps the answer is gigantic growth.

  26. Scouse

    5,481 posts.


    Raby's been with them for YEARS - there is STILL no profit and funnily, not one person understands how. let alone if, they will.

    From memory, last year 1.3m in salaries on a $2.6m loss.
    Not bad work if you can get it.


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