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former marine colonel to town council: ...

  1. dub

    24,402 posts.

  2. spanners

    3,523 posts.

    Yet another conspiracy becomes fact.

  3. bruceyg

    10,530 posts.

    its not only the states

    ive been concerned with the militarisation of the local coppers for some time effectivelty becoming a substitute army

  4. groundzero

    22,094 posts.

  5. bruceyg

    10,530 posts.

    australians arent noted for their penchent or for their willingness to be organised into groups so i cant really see us forming a militia. maybe a small group here and there but nothing like the us

    personally id head bush on my own - with the missus of course

  6. spanners

    3,523 posts.

    when it is to late GZ.

  7. cjbjb2702

    1,237 posts.

    How do you define the militarisation of local coppers?
    Can you provide an example or examples of your claim.
    Not having a go at all, just curious!

  8. bruceyg

    10,530 posts.

    next time you see our coppers busting into a house dressed in full body armour, military helmets, full autos, firearms usually reserved for the military (grenade launchers) you'll know what i mean

    this is s video of the victorian coppers practicing


  9. cjbjb2702

    1,237 posts.

    No disagreement but grenade launchers?
    I don't know of one tactical police group ( in australia) that has executed a warrant on a private residence using grenade launchers!

  10. clacoste

    6,161 posts.

    brucey, I'd blame almost all of that on the tactical capabilities of their opponents...mostly bikies and other organised crime and gangs...
    That said, I'd be glad to see some civilian militia training provided - no, mandated, to young people...male and female...say between year 11 and 12 for three to four weeks. Basic weapon and navigational skills, team environments, survival techniques, communication ability in a combat environment, etc...
    One caveat...Muslims excluded...
    And each issued with a weapon and pack containing essentials stored in local armories...
    It's either that or depend on an army we barely have to protect us, a navy we actually don't have to protect us, and an air force that we have degraded to near uselessness.
    No, time for our young people to step up...it'll be good for them and Australia. And long past time for our politicians to either radically improve our defence capabilities...or send roses and cards to the US Defence Department to do it all for us...with their ring of bases here.
    Might consider our immigration policies as part of our defence posture...but that is another argument...

  11. bruceyg

    10,530 posts.

    im all for national service for our youth

    every other country in the world puts the kids to good use so why should we? one day we may need them but if the population is untrained to even know which end of a firearm to use then it'll be easy to just walk in.

    one reason they have gone that way is because of the civil rights movement - one recent example being the muslim in goal for murder yet getting $3000 compo for not being fed hallal meat

    we need a tougher justice system not one where the criminal is given more rights than the victim. afaic some of these people should be shot on sight - bikies ride and behave with impunity - hence i spose one reason for the need for the wallopers to arm up

    bring back school cadets as well - teach them how to use a firearm safely and rid them of the novelty of owning or having one.

    and put the rest to work - no work no pay


    grenade launchers might be a bit of a stretch but what do they launch smoke bombsor stun grenades with?

  12. cjbjb2702

    1,237 posts.

    Thrown by hand!

  13. Director12

    6,803 posts.

    "im all for national service for our youth

    every other country in the world puts the kids to good use so why should we? "

    Because our children are not the property of the government to have their lives wasted on stupid imperialist wars. If another country did actually try to invade us then we wouldn't be able to fight a ground war against them anyway, so more lost lives. Now if you meant put them good use in non military ways like community service of some kind then that might have merit. If you're concerned about our lack of being able to defend ourselves then march on Canberra and demand back our 'right to bare arms'.

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