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ANP 15.0¢

food for thought

  1. itsagas

    4,761 posts.

    Isn placement done by Patto's....now 72c....so let's not rule out Patto's doing a similar thing with ANP...

  2. itsagas

    4,761 posts.

    iSonea wishes to acknowledge and thank this Placement’s sole Lead Manager, Patersons Securities Limited, for their guidance and support to close this significant raising.

    Come on Patto's. "give Anp a chance"....

  3. Steini

    5,162 posts.

    With some luck I could get my 1.4c order finally filled, it seems the old pattern is coming back.

    People are extreme impatient, if it is not running 10c in a second they sell independent of why and what they bought for.

    Maybe the last chance to buy for 1.5c or even 1.4c. The 1.5c line will go, that's for sure, as people are that stupid.

  4. itsagas

    4,761 posts.

    Nah....shaking the tree....traders getting burnt once again...!!!!! Lol

  5. Steini

    5,162 posts.

    ANP doesn't need money atm, so why inviting CR-sharks to have a feast at shareholder's expense for a huge discount.

    Just because ISN's sp hasn't dived after the CR doesn't mean ANP won't crashed either.

    Just look at the current MD and you know what sort of holders we have to deal with.

    ANP should wait until the ATL 1103 and 1102 results are out and then invite the pharmas to pay for a licensing deal.

    If ANP would give Pattos or other CR-sharks a huge %, then we know ANP will never reach 3c.

  6. itsagas

    4,761 posts.

    1.6c will get taken out this Argo or tomorrow am......steini you misunderstood in what I was trying to get across.....Patto's was responsible for the last CR.....but I can see them doing another CR at 20c further down the track....but this time with the "right people"....

  7. itsagas

    4,761 posts.

    Should read this arvo...

  8. peaceAKKI

    14,820 posts.
    "ANP should wait until the ATL 1103 and 1102 results are out and then invite the pharmas to pay for a licensing deal."

    It's a tough call though - Cash gives strength to bargaining position in licensing, if you "need" the other parties capital to advance then the upper hand goes with it. They should wait for the results without doubt to try and get market lift and better price to raise from but negotiating without the bankroll and option to advance on their own leaves it open. Phase III trials increase significantly on all fronts - more patients, longer period, more capital - if you can show you don't "need" the other party to make your next move you can start demanding a higher price if they wish to step in.

  9. itsagas

    4,761 posts.

    Amazing...we could have the cure....not just a monitoring device...

    Experimental studies showed that the delivery of an antisense drug against VLA-4 via inhalation to the lung significantly suppressed the key asthma indicators in allergen sensitized mice at very low inhaled doses, pointing to the potential new indication for ATL1102 as an inhaled treatment for asthma.  The Company has conducted successful animal studies on this application of ATL1102 and is looking for a partner to continue the drug’s development in the asthma indication.

  10. itsagas

    4,761 posts.

    Charts showing a steep upward trend just starting to mimic Isis...hold on to your hats....up up and away!!!!

  11. itsagas

    4,761 posts.

    Where is everyone???...anp sp up 50% in the last week....be excited,the sp will only go up 1or 2 pips from here on ...until it explodes...

  12. kpkg

    2,722 posts.

    Relax Itsa! There is another 3.2 mill sitting at 15 on top of what you can see.

  13. itsagas

    4,761 posts.

    Spot on dude 3 mill one hit at 1.6c...

  14. Itsa I am always present and exited but also on holidays and I just got up reading hotcopper having a bfast and happy that sp is still glued to 0.017
    Have a good afternoon holders

  15. Zehav

    1,505 posts.


    You are going to be very, very rich!!!!

  16. Wilson!

    13,904 posts.

    I'm excited and keeping quiet in case I jinx it to be honest.
    Looks fantastic and I can't wait to see it explode, so the last 2 years of accumulation will be well rewarded

  17. lokunia

    924 posts.

    Hey guys,

    Got free wifi on holiday and couldn't resist keeping tabs. Just a quick note. Wilson you'll remember saying Anp doesn't follow Isis when Isis has a down day. Today will be a good test of our opposite theories assuming Isis doesn't recover.


  18. mmq1

    2,171 posts.

    Yep ISIS took a hit there last night.

    Interesting to watch for sure how our

    punters react today.

  19. hercules007

    3,140 posts.

    What if the money from selling ISIS come chasing ANP?

    Just kidding.

  20. AcesHigh

    569 posts.

    Profit taking on the lot last night. Same with most US bios I follow… ISIS, ALNY, SRPT etc. Considering the run they’ve had recently consolidation at this point is expected and necessary. ISIS pullback is light in comparison to others. Again all relevant to the strength of the rerate. Our run in comparison to theirs is a joke however – we still have much catching up to do on the ASX imo. We have consolidated nicely in recent days but anything could happen maybe more is needed...

    Anyway good to see us moving in the right direction – my outlook is VERY positive for the ST leading into these results.

    Investing 101 – know when you’re on to a good thing!!


  21. peaceAKKI

    14,820 posts.

    Not that people probably want to see it but anyway - strangely enough right back to that big gap at $23.

    It's About Time To Jump Off The Isis Bull Boat

    By Madhukar Dubey - July 16, 2013

    Isis Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ISIS) engages in the discovery and development of antisense drugs. It follows a business model wherein after an initial discovery, it partners with different companies for further development of the drugs. It receives royalty from its partners when the drugs are finally marketed. Currently, the company partners with Sanofi (NYSE: SNY), Atlantic, GSK, Biogen, Teva, OncoGenex (NASDAQ: OGXI), Astrazeneca, Pfizer, iCo, Achagon, and Xenon for development of its various early discoveries. This business model enables Isis to focus on its core competency which lies in early discovery of antisense drugs.

    In this article, I have tried to value the company's equity primarily on the basis of its upcoming and existing drugs.

    Product pipeline

    The company's product pipeline mainly focuses on various therapeutic areas, such as cardiovascular, cancer, metabolic, neurodegenerative, and other inflammatory diseases. Presently the company's, five compounds are in the final stages of development, and are on the verge of getting approved.

    ISIS-SMNRx: Spinal Muscular Atrophy, or SMA, is caused by the deficiency of protein in the survival motor neuron gene, or SMN. The symptoms include muscle weakness in the spinal cord area. Currently there aren't any treatments for SMA. Capitalizing on this opportunity, Isis is developing SMNRx, a drug for SMA's treatment. According to the NIH, the occurrence rate of SMA is 1/8,000 childbirths globally. Also, there are as many as 35,000 SMA patients in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

    Kynamro: Earlier this year, Isis, in conjunction with Sanofi, launched an injection, Kynamro, for patients with homozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia, or HoFH, in the U.S. market. It is an inherited condition in which the body is unable to remove the bad cholesterol from the blood, thereby causing a cholesterol disorder. However, the drug carries a warning regarding the possible side effect of serious liver toxicity. Once the risk of liver toxicity is mitigated, the injection has a fair probability of receiving approval for the European market as well.

    ISIS-TTRrx: This is a drug used to treat transthyretin, or TTR, amyloidosis. It is a genetic disease in which TTR accumulates as fibrils in the heart, peripheral nerves, and gastrointestinal tract. As the TTR fibrils accumulate in the tissue, it interferes with normal tissue function, and the disease worsens. The company is working on two different types of TTR amyloidosis, familial amyloid cardiomyopathy and familial amyloid polyneuropathy. Currently, there are 50,000 patients affected by these two types of TTR amyloidosis worldwide.

    Custirsen: This is a drug targeted towards clusterin, a cell survival protein. This protein increases the effectiveness of chemotherapies. During the tests, the drug showed improved results in several currently available chemotherapies. Also, it enjoys FDA's fast track designation for the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer. The drug was initially discovered by Isis and OncoGenex, and was later licensed to Teva Pharmaceuticals. The drug is currently under phase 3 evaluation.

    ISIS-APOCOIIIrx: This is a drug for patients with high triglycerides and Type-2 diabetes. The drug will be used to reduce apolipoprotein C-III, or apoC-III, production and triglycerides, which will reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, and pancreatitis. ApoC-III is responsible for regulating triglyceride metabolism in the blood. Additionally, people with higher triglycerides have higher probability for Type-2 diabetes. Approximately 50,000 people worldwide have higher triglycerides and Type-2 diabetes.

    I have summarized the above mentioned drugs and the company that is working alongside Isis for the development of the drug.


    Biogen Idec
    Phase II

    Approved in U.S.

    Phase III

    Phase III

    Phase II


    Since the company has different products in its pipeline, it would be appropriate to use sum-of-the parts NPV analysis to arrive at the market value of company's equity. To value different products, I will apply a standard multiple of five times to the royalty received from each of the drugs and then discount it back at appropriate rates to arrive at the net present value, or NPV.

    The expected contributions from each of the drugs are:

    1. Applying a multiple of five times to the expected royalty contribution from ISIS-SMNRx of $356 million in 2019, and discounting it back at 35%, we get a NPV of $342 million from the drug.

    2. Similarly, since Kynamro has already been approved in the U.S. and will likely receive approval in Europe, a discount rate of 25% will be appropriate for the drug. Therefore, with an estimate of $702 million as royalty in 2017, and a multiple of five times, the NPV from the drug is $1.26 billion.

    3. For Custersin, a projection of $46 million as royalty in 2017 multiplied by five and discounting it back at 30%, leads to the NPV of $91.6 million.

    4. ISIS-TTRRx is expected to contribute royalty of $86.7 million as per the NPV method using a 50% discount rate.

    5. Finally, ISIS-APOCIIIrx is valued at $377 million by assigning a five times multiple to the 2019 royalty estimate of $700 million and discounting it back at 50%.

    (Amounts in USD million)







    The total NPV contribution from these five drugs is $2.15 billion. Also, with an expected contribution of $100 million from its existing compounds, the total contribution from the company's product pipeline will be $2.25 billion.


    1. The standard multiple of five times used in calculations is subject to certain assumptions such as, the overall revenue generated from the drug, and the overhead costs that the company bears to sell the drug. Generally a drug that generates annual revenue of more than $1 million, and exhibits overheads to sales ratio of less than 40% are valued at five times its NPV contribution.

    2. The discount rate used for arriving at the NPV is different for each drug. The discount rates have been taken into account, considering the estimated cost of equity and the estimated terminal growth rate that each drug possesses. I have used a discount rate of 35%-50% for drugs that are currently under phase two and 25%-30% for drugs that are under phase three.

    Impact of share issue and additional borrowings

    In May 2013, Isis expressed its intention to offer 9 million shares to the public and an optional 1.35 million shares to the underwriters. The shares are to be issued at $19.00 each, and if fully subscribed, will fetch $196.65 million for the company. For now, it remains unclear as to how the proceeds will be deployed by the company. The fresh issue will dilute the existing shareholding pattern, and if the company is unable to generate the required return from these proceeds, the earnings per share, or EPS, of the company may turn downwards. If the issue is fully subscribed, the company's outstanding shares will rise to 112 million.

    Last year, the company had a financial leverage of 0.71, because of negative earnings, with a total interest expenditure of $21.15 million and long term debts of $221 million. On June 27, the company borrowed $2.5 million, under the loan agreement entered into with RBS Asset Finance in 2008, for equipment financing. With this borrowing, the total amount borrowed by Isis under this agreement increased to $29.9 million. The additional borrowings will increase the interest expenditure by approximately $250,000 annually. This will further deteriorate the company's financial leverage, as the company already incurred a loss of $1.7 million in the first quarter. The deteriorated financial leverage may impact company's return on equity.

    Investments, Cash, and Debts

    Estimating a cash balance and short term investments of $613 million, and debts of $201.25 million, the market value of equity turns out to be $2.66 billion. With the year-end estimate of 112 million as the company's outstanding equity, the value per share should be approximately $23.

    Market value of equity = Royalties + (Cash + Short term investments) - Debts

    = 2250 + 613 - 201.25

    = 2661.75 (USD million)

    Note: The above mentioned share issue has been taken into account in the calculation made above.

    Stock price movement

    From the beginning of the year, the company's stock price has almost doubled. There was a sudden 10% upside in the stock price when Kynamro received approval for the U.S. market (Jan 2013). On Jan 30, almost 8.8 million shares of the company were traded.

    Last month Isis saw its stock price moving up by around 30% after it decalred impressive phase-2 data on ISIS-APOCIIIRx.

    This increased activity, shows the strong susceptibility of the company's stock price to the approval of a drug. Investors should remain aware whenever the company approaches the approval of a drug. However, it appears the current stock price accounts for all possible positive catalyst that could continue to drive the price upwards.

    Hence, I expect the stock price to decline from the high levels it has currently reached.


    Isis's strong product pipeline indicates it to be an active player in the antisense market. Also, its collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies makes its business model worth watching. The expertise in early antisense drugs discovery gives it an upper hand when compared to its peers.

    Therefore, taking into account the cash flows from all of its near end approval and existing drugs, short term investments, cash balance, and debts, the company's equity should have a value of approximately $23 per share whereas it is currently trading around $34.00.

    I strongly feel the stock price of $34.00 should rebound to lower levels. I recommend a sell on this stock.

    Beta Fool LINK

  22. 20103030

    1,790 posts.

    Yeah I read that this morning mate - didn't take long to realise his view is short term.

  23. Peaceakki - you start your post with:
    "Not that people probably want to see but anyway "
    To be honest with this kind of posting style you are really annoying.
    If you would be fair instead of trying only to annoy people from the article you posted you should have underlined this part:

    Isis's strong product pipeline indicates it to be an active player in the antisense market. Also, its collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies makes its business model worth watching. The expertise in early antisense drugs discovery gives it an upper hand when compared to its peers.

    That would have been more of a balanced attitude right ?

  24. AcesHigh

    569 posts.

    A touch on .018 today would look extra bullish !

    Perhaps then we could follow on with something like this…

    Would be nice.... could happen hmmm!!

  25. samfiodiving

    1,214 posts.

    Aces this is looking very Bullish i picked up another Mil today couldn't resist the way its behaved these last few days
    GO ANP

  26. itsagas

    4,761 posts.

    Ha ha ha.....noe even going to bother answering this post....

  27. adam a

    3,847 posts.

    My only concern is
    which will run out of steam first?
    The shareprice or the rhetoric
    ISIS dropping is a worry??
    Whats the next price driver?

  28. samfiodiving

    1,214 posts.

    adam a
    would you never consider that people are wanting in on isis @ a bargain price of .016 cents as opposed to $31.00 don't forget get we have 3 out of the 25 drugs in progress.
    you work it out in my book it aint rocket science the penny had to drop at some stage and this could well be it. i see no other reason for the rise in Sp or perhaps 5 months is not that far of in the scheme of things to come.
    GO ANP

  29. peaceAKKI

    14,820 posts.

    Firstly Centurionone & Magnislicer do you ever post anything relevant or are all your posts mainly focussed on attacking the poster ? Bravo

    Secondly the last time one of you gave me my own thread title (lol) it was also after posting a ISIS chart with possible moves & targets for both directions at a junction (as I always do, there could be hardly any balance if you don't look at all possible outcomes) while I might of provided my opinion & reasoning for the direction speculated at the junction (down) and for the reasons stated at the time, the upside target aside from being the measured move was also the most recent brokers target at the time with $32 as I posted then.

    Is it then wrong for me to post the next most recent target delivered on a day that question was made by others as to ISIS decline last night ?

    "That would have been more of a balanced attitude right ?"

    and underline part of the report Centurinone ? Hardly
    I provided the whole report from which people read it in whole, if I was being all bearish voodoo as people cry ha - I would of simply linked that broker report with just the Title of it.

    Magnislicer - I do think there is very little linkage between ISIS share price & ANP - that hasn't changed but as it is posted here each and every day I figure many do watch it closely so would likely appreciate broker reports as they are released.

  30. adam a

    3,847 posts.

    Good on you peace, keep em honest

  31. Steini

    5,162 posts.

    For me the increase in ISIS' sp over the past months just confirmed the growing interest of the market towards the success of the antisense technology and the recognition of it by the pharmas. That's what makes me confident that ANP' sp will rise significantly over time when the anticipated milestones have been achieved. If ANP stuff's it up then of course good by invested money but due to the strong and close alliance with ISIS that should be very unlikely.

    I was patient enough to wait it out at 1c, I have no problems to continue at 1.6c.

    Peace, nothing wrong with being realistic, but you always sound like someone who is angry when the sp goes up.

    So when you interpret any facts next time, please try to put it in a positive way, the world is full of negative news, we all need some psychological TLC.

  32. itsagas

    4,761 posts.

    Ha ha ha...your last paragraph...cracks me up....

    Show me a positive broker post on Isis that you have posted...


  33. peaceAKKI

    14,820 posts.

    Geez you made that difficult Gassy to go searching.

    Anyway why do simple things become so difficult - it was only a broker report issued last night for anyone that was interested.

    Done pffffff


    Oracalise my nuts Centurinone :-)

    I suggested both outcomes and down was simply based on the greatest probability. Strangely the break was on very low volume but it was the 4th of July hangover with an easy 4 day weekend in the offing. Techs still look pretty cooked but upside targets from that break would be $33 for the pennant $38 for the flag if they played out, the earlier being a broker target a few weeks back.

    "My "punt" wasn't chasing the negative it was an assumption based statistically on the greatest probability of factors many of which were inferred in the post. Five attempts to break the ground (McLaren used to always run 3 for direction at junctions - so it has held in there), percentage of gaps that are filled, exhaustion levels of majority of techs, declining volume as range closes. Either way it goes but it will blow volume weather up or down and the pennant of that flag is getting squeezed."

  34. itsagas

    4,761 posts.

    I suggested both outcomes and down was simply based on the greatest probability. Strangely the break was on very low volume but it was the 4th of July hangover with an easy 4 day weekend in the offing. Techs still look pretty cooked but upside targets from that break would be $33 for the pennant $38 for the flag if they played out, the earlier being a broker target a few weeks back.

    "My "punt" wasn't chasing the negative it was an assumption based statistically on the greatest probability of factors many of which were inferred in the post. Five attempts to break the ground (McLaren used to always run 3 for direction at junctions - so it has held in there), percentage of gaps that are filled, exhaustion levels of majority of techs, declining volume as range closes. Either way it goes but it will blow volume weather up or down and the pennant of that flag is getting squeezed."

    This is not a A positive Brokers/analysist report on Isis...is it?

    You keep using Mc Laren...."big deal"...who the .... Cares

    So they got the flag and beat the broker target...yes!!!

    Retrace now...profit takers...very normal....

    Like I said by August end we will never hear from you....

  35. ......by August end we will never hear from you !
    Any chance to make it earlier ?

  36. kpkg

    2,722 posts.

    Well that sure was one tit for tat session... you guys have way too much time on your hands for a Wednesday!
    I think( and Samf touches on it), that these shares aren't coming back like we have seen in past surges. Investors "are" actually putting these away and not trading them ; no massive volume at 17 looking for an out, or a quick buck. So yep I was a net buyer today and have basically rethought any idea of day trading these.

  37. itsagas

    4,761 posts.

    You were a day out dude....will hit 1.8 today...

  38. Oracle72

    187 posts.

    Dosent suprise me its on the way back up. I'm a long term holder.. Lots of goodies in the pipeline.. Happy to sit and wait.. Oracle72

  39. spike2000

    180 posts.

    maybe not today my friend, hopefully not 1.5c

  40. samfiodiving

    1,214 posts.

    Kp good move, from what i can see for the last week except for the 12 july ANP has been bought into the 12 was the only day it was sold into and that was hardly a sell down, of just over 4mil.
    This is looking rock solid i think there is a very calculated buy up going on here, so perhaps we L/T were looking towards years end for results, but as we are all aware we wait for that time, and we have to pay a premium so perhaps this is XMAS in JULY and the accumulation of ANP has started and they want to be set for when the fireworks begin.
    i dont claim to know whats happening or why its happening but look for your self its happening and im excited.
    GO ANP
    Mark if you do read H/C WELL DONE because somewhere along the line on your travels recently i think you may have got the message across
    GO ANP

  41. AcesHigh

    569 posts.

    A move up for ANP was and still is well overdue. Right now the SP appears to be in a strong position with tic traders having been paid out already - there would likely be very little resistance for a launch up on good news imo.

    Would be nice if we could sustain a bit of an uptrend from here.. but either way mid 1c range is a lot better than 1c or 009 - glad to see some investors have their heads on straight as the buying seems very genuine.

    Anyway with a 50% + move up in 2 weeks on no news it is certainly happy days!! But with much more to come too.

    All Good imo.

  42. lokunia

    924 posts.


    Happy to see it looks like your theory has worked better than mine on the last two Isis big down days. Good consolidation by Anp in the subsequent day - happy to agree with your opinion. Hoping we continue our progress sooner than later.


  43. kpkg

    2,722 posts.

    I thought Isis bounced fairly well last night and if you look at the yearly its well within the trend, just my thought anyway. Market cap 3.1 billion and I think we have one of their best drugs!
    Time will tell, but I don't think anp is really going to hang around here too much longer.

  44. adam a

    3,847 posts.

    Better get in quick only 5 months to go

    Weekend starts soon let the pump part 2 start

  45. kpkg

    2,722 posts.

    Im so happy with anp's progress I took challenged people like yourself and willy of ignore! Your calls for anp to fall couldn't have been further from fact and now I find your posting somewhat amusing.....cheer and you have yourself a super weekend!!

  46. Wilson!

    13,904 posts.

    Well said kpkg

    Awesome job Mark, in u we believe!
    To the knockers and drampers, suck it up ??

  47. Adam a. You must be a philosopher with such deep thoughts
    Great to have you around to amuse us but I got a feeling you will not be around too much longer.
    Have a good week end.

  48. AcesHigh

    569 posts.

    “off ignore”

    Kpkg... those low content repetitive posters don’t deserve the attention they so often get... don’t get dragged down with it mate!

    Once they make their motives clear it’s best to ignore the trolls imo.

    No sense in suffering fools if you don’t have to.

  49. peaceAKKI

    14,820 posts.

    Geez everyone went bonkers laughing at this report when issued with ISIS at a $34 high and with a $23 target - he's not far off now.

  50. itsagas

    4,761 posts.

    Peace these people have no idea how to value ISIS...Here they say that they have increased their value from ...$17 to $23......only to see the ISIS sp going to $34.......lol

    Life Sciences -- Biotechnology
    ISIS reported Q2 GAAP EPS of $(0.09), above consensus of $(0.21) and CGe of $(0.13), primarily due to higher-than-expected revenue. The focus for ISIS is on the pipeline, with up to four P2 data readouts by YE13: 1) APOCIII monotherapy in patients with severely high triglycerides (ESC, Aug. 31);
    2) full data from three APOCIII trials at AHA (Nov. 16-20); 3) EIF4e in non- small cell lung cancer and prostate cancer in Q4; and 4) SMN for infant- and childhood-onset spinal muscular atrophy in Q4/13-Q1/14. However, we believe these assets are priced into the stock at current levels and would await a better entry point. We note that several P2 data catalysts are expected in 2014 (STAT3 in lymphoma; iCO-007 in diabetic macular edema; Kynamro in familial hypercholesterolemia; CRP in atrial fibrillation; and GCCR/GCGR in type 2 diabetes). We are raising our PT to $23 from $17.
    ? ISIS-CRP color: Yesterday, ISIS announced that although rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients treated with ISIS-CRP reduced CRP protein up to 67% and demonstrated improvements in signs and symptoms of RA, improvements were not significant vs. placebo and ISIS will not pursue RA. On the call, management noted that the trial was run in Russia/E. Europe, where a high rate of placebo effect is expected in TNF-alpha- naïve patients. We look to the atrial fibrillation P2 trial (data expected in H1/14) to see if the CRP reductions can be maintained and demonstrate clinically meaningful improvements. We note that published studies indicate that atrial fibrillation risk is associated with elevated CRP levels, but only in patients without genetically-elevated CRP.
    ? Q2 financials: Q2 revenue was $38.1M vs. consensus of $26.8M and CGe of $32.0M. ISIS exited Q2 with $590.8M in cash and equivalents, and expects to meet or exceed guidance of pro forma 2013 NOLs in the mid- $60Ms (we model for $44.5M). ISIS will provide updated guidance in Q3, and color on the Kynamro launch on the Q4 earnings call.
    Source: Interactive Data Corporation
    Isis Pharmaceuticals is focused on the development of antisense drugs that control expression of genes through interactions with RNA. The business model for Isis is to perform R&D on pipeline drugs focused on cardiovascular, metabolic, cancer, and inflammatory diseases and to partner them out at value inflection points. The lead drug in development is Kynamro (mipomersen), a cholesterol-lowering drug partnered with Genzyme.
    All amounts in US$ unless otherwise noted.
    Canaccord Genuity is the global capital markets group of Canaccord Financial Inc. (CF : TSX | CF. : LSE)

  51. adam a

    3,847 posts.

    Well not such a good week this week

    But next week should be better,what with the news that is due

    Hang in their and welcome to the new long term holders
    Beware of weekend rampers


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