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TTE 3.3¢

financial projections

  1. swami2

    739 posts.

    "Some projections of revenue for the current qtr:

    Workover wells at say 40 BOPD = 3,600 barrels.
    Reese #S2 well at say 250 BOPD = 22,500 barrels."

    This was your post at the start of this thread.

    Carry on as you are. we will all know soon enough.

  2. Fitza

    1,747 posts.

    You beat yourself up too much on the prediction of 15,000 barrels of oil, 'monark'.

    The last announcement said:

    "over 10,000 barrels of oil over a 90 day period to 30th June 13"

    but in reality, Reese2# did not start production until mid APRIL 13, according to the announcement on 17th April 13.

    So probably more realistic to add another say, 14 days x 130 barrels per day to that 10,000 barrel total.

    Just a thought.

    All of the above is my personal opinion. DYOR.

  3. monark

    3,253 posts.

    Last expectation was 15,000 barrels a few weeks ago. We fell short at 10,000 though that was my estimate only .

  4. monark

    3,253 posts.

    Thanks Fitza , I did in fact keep that in mind. Either way sounds like we can produce at current levels for the LONG term as suggested by management recently which provides us with a solid platform to keep drilling.

  5. V8

    6,834 posts.

    Where the hell is the cap rock result?

    This was anned 2 weeks ago

    "Australian oil and gas company Titan Energy Ltd (ASX: TTE) (Titan Energy or the Company), is pleased to announce that the rig is expected on location Friday US time to spud the Poole #C-1 “cap rock” well at its Allen Dome oil field in Texas. The Poole #C-1 is expected to reach a Total Depth (TD) of 850’, within 72 hours from the spud date , when the well will be logged."

    Do we just assume it was a dud??????????

  6. swami2

    739 posts.

    "I see the buy side building, this will be trading at 1.2/1.3 in a few weeks"

    Then thank your lucky stars and follow my sentiment.
    After doing your own research of course.

  7. Fitza

    1,747 posts.

    Totally agree, 'monark'. TTE Management have stated several times in different announcements, that they are managing the production from this well, for long term production benefits.

    Something conveniently overlooked by our resident 'downrampers'.

    While I am on here, they probably need to get an announcement out soon on the state of the drilling into the cap rock. It is a salt dome and it is right next to the river by the look of the photos, so they need to be proceeding with caution (remembering, as I type this, 'footy's' video of what can go wrong when water enters a salt dome unexpectedly).

    Even so, the 'natives are getting restless', as they say and it just gives the above mentioned 'downrampers' another free kick.
    So, if Management have hit significant delays, for whatever reason, the market needs to be updated, I would have thought.
    I say that as someone who has no idea at all how long it takes to set up a rig for drilling. If anyone does know how long it takes to set up a rig for drilling, please feel free to let us know via a posting here.

    All of the above is my personal opinion. DYOR.

  8. jrvossie

    1,217 posts.

    Amazing that only Monark and Fitza realise that TTE are restricting the flow for longetivity in only 1 section of pay zones. The access, equip, staff etc. might only be conducive to this in a sustainable sense. What's the point of opening up the 'chokes' if you can't handle it or want to sort other stuff out first? I just think DT's want to see the big pretty BOPD numbers to take their 10%. I personally couldn't be happier.

  9. jrvossie

    1,217 posts.

    The more I riffle through HC the more suspicious I get about brokers using this as a tool to fiddle with the market or use it as a 'windsock' for sentiment (and act accordingly). Probably sounds dumb to those who are actually doing it, but they would think everyone is dumb anyway. I'll stick to the fundamentals thanks. The rest is complete and utter jibberish.

  10. monark

    3,253 posts.

    They also balance water cut and electricity consumption - no point spending money to pump water out and take up storage facility - hence it's a balance as the oil isn't going anywhere fast.

  11. Galore777

    524 posts.


    You r right thats how i bought some shares just to realize that the fantastic company is not that good and then the SP drops. Bought in high and now you know! Whenever there is a boost from who ever just dont take it on face value. I now wait for that SP to rise and drop and then decide to buy or to ignore. Even those who are suposed to be prof fin advisers. I dont trust because they always have alterior motives. To them if you as their client benefit it is not their intention but just luck or coinsidence. Dont trust them its your money they want. Either by your paying them fees and or they profitt from your actions after their GOOD advice!! All my opinion not fin advice as always do your own research!!!

  12. bcsiles

    1,731 posts.

    Oil continuing to rise,

    Now would be a great time for a cap rock discovery ;)

  13. .009 Gone.. TTE is ready for a little run over the next 3 months with the amount of drilling on the table and a bit of turn around in the O&G sector

    Some M&A uptown wouldnt hurt this end of the market either.

    There must of been quite a sizeable soaking up of .009 shares over the last month or so???

  14. Set up looks promising for the open today.

  15. nursery

    5,468 posts.

    "Set up looks promising for the open today."

    Please explain!. I can't see anything that looks good.

  16. cdonald

    47 posts.

    lots of small players jumping in at 8 on the ask. Interesting stuff, wonder if it has just hit a news letter somewhere around the world.

  17. mikey26

    2,880 posts.

    Yes a surprising market depth this morning.

    .009 has cleared and some sizable orders now on the buy side. Interesting this also happened when the oppies are up 50% on a small order.

    Maybe drilling has started?

  18. mikey26

    2,880 posts.

    Well the heads now are also 1c.

    Had a look at the chart and the technicals are saying we will be breaking out soon imo.

    The low was hit on June 20, and since that time we have begun a small uptrend channel.

    A close of 1c today will show a breakout of the downtrend line, so do not be surprised to see buying from today if it holds.

    With drilling announcements due for the next few months, technicals are aligning with fundamentals which is a good sign imo. Good luck all.

    All imo, DYOR.

  19. monark

    3,253 posts.

    Agree - TA indicating possible start of uptrend though if suggest we need news ( either drill or qtrly ) to trigger the breakout .. Sentiment definately improving in spec sector

  20. "Set up looks promising for today"

    Cdonald maybe expressed it better, interesting maybe better than promising.

    I think Mikey26 and monark see what I saw/see and the future.

    IMHO Lots of small buyers were lining up, about 80 million at about 9.35am AEST compared to the seller numbers and depth.

    Also stalwart sellers at 1.0 were not tempted by the buyers during the first half hour of the pre-open auction.

    IMHO my call was reasonable as the first sale 59 minutes after the open was at 1.0 or plus 11% before the weaker sellers ...

  21. rtginv

    308 posts.

    Just over 50 million for the month so far phatplanet
    I see the breakout being above .012 then the usual test, pull back for confirmation to hold .012

    Could take a while longer 4 week base pattern isnt long

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