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bad news abbott

  1. leaders

    2,058 posts.

    if tony wasnt already pushing s--t uphill with a stick,his own noalition dont want him,either malcolm or the stuffed cat with glass eyes is after his job,wont be long now tony back to the cement plant rhodes scholar will fit right in,not long .lol.lol.

  2. Justis

    12,182 posts.

    The Lib's leadership speculation started as we waited for the result of labor's leadership spill and it's not surprising that it continues and it will continue until it finally happens.

    There would be many sitting Lib MP's that would be wondering if they can hold on to their seats and many candidates that would be thinking they could win a seat if Turnbull was leader.

    Clearly the Lib's would be in a better position to actually win the election and with more seats with Turnbull, seems illogical that they would risk losing with Abbott

  3. gofish100

    1,437 posts.

    Who is your preferred Prime Minister?

    Kevin Rudd31%(1484)
    Tony Abbott42%(2039)
    Malcolm Turnbull27%(1317)

  4. Fishhead06

    7,123 posts.

    Reality speaks loudly... The LNP want the Howard Era back (See "policy booklet").

    The Howard Era????.... Abbott and his front bench (except Malcolm Turnbull) are lost in a world of Fantasy in believing that "Howard's" Government had all of the answers... Errrrrrrrr, Howard Lost his own seat in Parliament = THATS what the people thought of the Howard Governement, but The Abbott wants to resurrect The Howard Era... Does that "policy" make sense to any discerning Voters?????

  5. gofish100

    1,437 posts.

    Go to yahoo 7 and look for yourself.

  6. brotherb

    1,232 posts.

    Funny how Kev has united all the lefty trolls on HC

    Unfortunately for them they have put there faith in a psychopath.

    not my words his colleges LOL

  7. gofish100

    1,437 posts.

    The way things are going labor trolls are going to get allot poorer along with the rest of Australia.
    Correct me if i am wrong but the average labor voter does not realize that one day the increasing government debt has to be paid back and when that happens everybody suffers , and them hopefully more than all others.

  8. Justis

    12,182 posts.

    gofish, self select polls have no validity what so ever.

    It's all bad news for Abbott, looks like snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

  9. gofish100

    1,437 posts.

    You are jumping the gun my friend , it is not over till it is over , but i admire your persistence .

  10. bundyau

    5,543 posts.

    why don't you perpetual lab pests just put an add on HC "We love Mal" and save cluttering up the political thread with your repetitive posts. I do not like the ignore button but you are making it hard to avoid with your monotonous posts

  11. Vistica

    6,049 posts.

    bundyau,in 100% agreement.

  12. Zonetrader

    11,805 posts.

    Justis, your constant bleating (aka spamming for months) about turnbull replacing Abbott only makes me believe more strongly that should not happen.

    When you enemy wants to choose your leader, it's not to help you...LOL

  13. Justis

    12,182 posts.

    bundyau, that is the news of the day, I have been say for some time this may happen and the speculation in the media is gaining momentum.

    By all means put me on ignore, doesn't change the facts thou

  14. Justis

    12,182 posts.

    Zonetrader, I have also been saying that I will vote for Lib's if Turnbull is leader and that many othere would as well, he we have a poll showing that I was right.

    Opinion based on facts, unlike you guys who base your opinions on your own opinion

  15. Vistica

    6,049 posts.

    justis,oh go on,pull the other one...you know what you'll find.
    are you hedging your bets now? you vote libs,neveeer mate.

  16. Fishhead06

    7,123 posts.

    Vote "policy", not some emotional "like" popularity contest....:)

    "Tow A Boat" popularity is NO POLICY.

  17. leaders

    2,058 posts.

    well here is the answer ,put all labour people on ignore and then you can continue like you have in the past,to deny there is another better way than abbotts,disastrous negative quagmire,go on give it a go.lol.

  18. Fishhead06

    7,123 posts.

    I agree - Ignore the other side of any issue = Focus ONLY on the bias that appears to be LNP inspired in this chatroom.

    Ignore All..... read nothing... be a mushroom!

  19. kippa5

    7,208 posts.

    Do you notice when he does a doorstop he says

    Ok we'll it's terrific to be here today Abbott is so predicable it's laughable.

    Watch a interview yesterday and behind him there was Warren Truss, you know the old fella with the red face nodding away at every word that came out of abbots mouth. Staged to the max. Again Abbott was giving away billions for a road upgrade that will prob b never done. In the background the trucks and cars were speeding by lol. Remember last time he done a doorstop by the road? I do and it amost ended in a disaster . Seems he just does not learn.

  20. Justis

    12,182 posts.

    Vistica, you don't believe me Ho humm AIIGAF

  21. moneyback

    670 posts.

    kippa, did you watch that interview in another so called "meeting"???


  22. TheColonel

    5,358 posts.

    its only good for the LNP. Keep going Kev

  23. moneyback

    670 posts.


    your kidding yourself if you think that. Kokoda Kev and his blind siding of everyone is the shining reflection of Kev of old. Listen to no one and just make big stuff ups.

    Never ever in the past do i recall an announcment from a PM that resulted in ACTUAL redundancies of people.


  24. bundyau

    5,543 posts.

    don't you labs take any of the ABC news on board.If you did you would know that the coalition has always had core policies and is now releasing additional policies as they realise kevvie is starting to panic and will call an early election before even more of the centrelink brigade realise that the country is heading to disaster if someone does't turn it around and soon.

    What is the better way?? 300 billion debt and going for a trillion if left in for another three years,1000s drowning at sea,houses burning down,young workers killed,car dealers and manufactures sent broke etc etc.Mal is a smart funny money man and (another) lawyer,but not up to political leadership yet.His time may come but even Mal knows his time is not now.Going against the coalition in favour of kevvie carbon views,which even he has now dumped,was not a good move.

  25. bundyau

    5,543 posts.

    if we read something new every week or two it would be OK,but "bring back Mal" is getting a tad boring.Put forth your arguments for lab policies,if you can find any successful ones.HC is to debate not wave the flag blindly and endlessly.
    What do you think of kevvies car reforms.He has certainly reformed the car industry in one blow.

  26. Zonetrader

    11,805 posts.

    Oh - pull the other leg...lol

    You support the carbon tax, you have supported all of labor's stuff-ups and now you tell me you will vote lib if Malcolm is leader.

    Your posts tell a different story.

  27. Fishhead06

    7,123 posts.

    You clutch at straws, LNP "fanatics" --- Why?

    Have you no idea of LNP "No Policy" that could pass MEDIA scrutiny?

    Have you Doubts, that The Abbott can religiously lead your crusade?

    Me thinks you are wavering in your "belief"... Your posts give you away....:)

  28. Justis

    12,182 posts.

    Zonetrader, I believe if you are going to act on AGW a market based system is better than DAP so does Turnbull.

  29. moneyback

    670 posts.


    Labor have no policies, well no working policies.

    And the difference between LNP and Labor is Labor is supposedly suppose to be Governing. Great, we have a governemnt with failing policies and no plans to fix them.

    Rudd just prances around spouting garbage.

    This FBT is an eye opener situation. Clearly shows that Rudd has not changed at all since he was last PM.

    Never before do I remember a PM annoucnment and then overnight there are redundancies. What a fail

  30. Fishhead06

    7,123 posts.

    Dear Moneypenny,

    Governments HAVE working policies... Oppositions MUST develop alternate policy OR adopt that which is already in place...That my dear, is a fact that cannot be denied, no matter how ridiculous the "argument".

    The Abbott has "Slogans".... end of story, except for ONE "policy", that which will cost Australia dearly = Abbott's Paid Parental Leave...dear me!

    Whoops!... I forgot his other Definitive Policy ---"Tow Em Back" Tony states the detail everyday...right!


  31. moneyback

    670 posts.

    Smellyfish, Labor can call an election and then you can have that argument and it will be a valid argument IF no policies are forthcoming.

  32. Fishhead06

    7,123 posts.

    Vote accordingly WHEN the next election is called...2013, btw.

    The Abbott needs the time, remember = He has NO "policies", Only Slogans....:)

    is there a "hurry" in holding a 2013 election?????

  33. bundyau

    5,543 posts.

    the sooner you start feeding the cattle the more you will save

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