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GCN 0.6¢

Ann: Response to Appendix 4C query

  1. ASX News

    99,718 posts.
    • Release Date: 16/08/13 16:11
    • Summary: Response to Appendix 4C query
    • Price Sensitive: Yes
    • Download Document
  2. knobatron

    260 posts.

    Why do I get a feeling someone new this was coming out?

  3. knobatron

    260 posts.

    Sorry that should be knew.
    Why do I get a feeling someone knew this was coming out?

    No many buyers left now.

  4. HC Trader

    9,702 posts.

    The Company confirms that its financial c
    ondition is adequate and warrants the continuing
    quotation of its securities on ASX in accordance with listing rule 12.2

    yes Sir

  5. tas74t

    1,980 posts.

    It sounds like someone knew this complaint was put in to ASX.... So if they are only spending 120k per 1/4, that's nearly 2 years worth still available at the current burn rate..

    A question for Mike or anyone who might know.. do you know how long a company has to respond to a 4C? This complaint was put in just as Richard went OS, it seems whoever they are, they were very opportunistic in their actions knowing he would be absent for two weeks or so...lol

  6. mike_au1

    7,947 posts.

    "So if they are only spending 120k per 1/4" You might want to check that i think your off by quiet a bit.

  7. tas74t

    1,980 posts.

    You still didn't answer my question Mike....

  8. tas74t

    1,980 posts.

    Also Mike, From ASX Query..

    "Net negative operating cash flows for the quarter of $120,028."

    Can you show where they are/have spending/spent more, I'm keen to know what the ASX doesn't also..

  9. think mike must be bored taz.

    Mike if ya bored m8 head over to AVQ , need a hand there to pick on this ramper , think its bassy again up to his old tricks.

  10. mike_au1

    7,947 posts.

    Not bored HI had a productive day even found out CCW wont be going ahead as well as a few other tid bits.

  11. mike_au1

    7,947 posts.

    Il let you work it out Tas, you always get the good mail.

  12. Sharpshooter

    1,708 posts.

    Tas my little possum. Do you know the difference between a cash flow statement and a balance sheet?

    Cash flow statements are exactly what the name suggests. It's only what bills are paid not what is owed. So if GCN isn't paying the bills, the cash outflow looks smaller than the reality.

    The yearly or half yearly will tell you the truth!

    Lets review the last two quarterly cash flow statements when the yearly report comes in!!!

    Liabilities my possum, liabilities!!!!

    ASX knows GCN is in financial trouble!!!

  13. Sharpshooter

    1,708 posts.

    What about SSI Mike? It all sounds so positive lol.

  14. Testarossa

    2,871 posts.

    Great to see the company has enough money for the next 2 quarters. So many ventures waiting to fill the coffers. Exciting times ahead!!! Can't wait!

  15. kevin103

    1,753 posts.

    I wonder whats the GoTenTv business model and whats gcn's share of revenue from that?
    If its anything like Soooolakoool , or train station wifi or iptv revenue then would richard li be held responsiblebfor misleading the asx n shareholders?
    Hes here saying these ventures will bring in revenue isnt he? Where's the line between misleading and a pure business failure? Guess u cant be pinged for a poor business venture but u sure can for being misleading.

  16. tas74t

    1,980 posts.

    Thanks for that Mike.. knew I could count on you.. btw im already unimpressed with ccw, so let us know when you find something new..

  17. Damoose

    966 posts.

    Hi mike

    What can u tell me about gcn. I'm looking to invest and u seem to be the man


  18. Moose, get those four legs going and run! Run away from this stock as fast as you can, and never look back!

  19. tradezy

    1,508 posts.

    You should emphasize at least, "good" is being used ironically of course!

    I genuinely mean no offense Tas74t, but how can you not realise how identical you sound to a certain self proclaimed expert elsewhere.

    And of course, 'expert' is too being used ironically. lol

  20. tas74t

    1,980 posts.

    Tradezy. . If I stop starting my sentences with 'now' would that appear different.. maybe other forums can read these pists who knows... we are not the same as you know.

  21. tradezy

    1,508 posts.

    Of course, I know you're not the same...as I did say I mean no offense. lol

    But you have to agree, I've never came across anything "it's" posted that hasn't been eerily similar to your comments and vice versa.

    Food for thought, have you ever considered challenges/questioning such comments, rather than simply reiterating them?

    Point at hand, this supposed conspiracy theory that someone's lodged some complaint very conveniently whilst GCN Management are apparently overseas. You don't have to believe it, simply because someone elsewhere said so...

    In fact, I'd automatically being doing the contrary!

  22. tas74t

    1,980 posts.

    Tradezy.. check the time stamps on both posts your refering to.. btw no offense taken.. however i do believe there are people that may post here do infact have close contacts with the ASIC and ASX.. Im sure there are many complaints lodged with such bodies that dont make it as far as the last one..;)

  23. tradezy

    1,508 posts.

    I've never known ASIC and or ASX to be so prompt in following up a supposed complaint(s).

    But so what if GCN had been temporarily suspended while someone got the ASX response together, what difference would that have made, it's not as though punters are clamouring to get aboard.

    What's nonsense is the completely unfounded and undoubtedly asinine notion being put forth that somehow, this supposed diabolical plan to 'do this while the Director's away' would actually matter in someway...

  24. the poor old chap is lonley and trying to drum up business over the road as it appears to be a tad lonley over there.

    Tas i dont think your angry sort anyway just another punter down on his luck with this one :)

  25. tradezy

    1,508 posts.

    LOL skipt,

    I'm sure his "weatherman" analogies will keep him occupied for the time being.

    Apparently, everything's like the "weatherman". ROFL!

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