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ESI 1.0¢

aldp website taken down

  1. arion

    3,955 posts.

    "If "outcome" means the "signing of funding agreements" will unsuccessful applicants be notified after agreements are signed?"

    ...plain speaking ,,,,,Tech is accepted ,,,,but comeback to us once you have the money .

  2. SP3

    14,836 posts.

    What does "selection process" mean?

    Does it mean selected to commence negotiations....or does it mean selected to receive funding?

  3. Surges

    2,868 posts.

    I believe that your first conclusion is spot on whereas your second off the mark.

    DPI officials, when contacted, stated that successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified at the same time.

    That is according to phone inquiries.

  4. arion

    3,955 posts.

    "What does "selection process" mean"

    IMO means,,,you are selected for funding.

  5. arion

    3,955 posts.

    "What does "selection process" mean?"

    But there maybe another scenario,,,, The semi-selection .

    Perhaps one of the applicants did ask for extra time , to fulfill something the department was not happy with .

    Blame the minister alone for this delay , maybe is not correct .

  6. sideways

    1,716 posts.

    The most interesting thing that happened last week imo was that the only company that found it necessary to call a TH (in haste and urgency) while the DPI web page mess got sorted out was ECT. And it would have done the same if the Age story had not ambushed them, imo.

    I wonder then if the whole ALDP secrecy thing has something to do with the necessity for government not to be seen as having any direct influence on the share price(s) of certain publicly listed companie(s) eligible for ADLP funding. Interestingly, neither of the other ASX companies connected by rumour or association to potential ALDP funding candidates moved an inch during 'Agegate' or 'Pagegate.'

    So I am wearing my big optimist's hat right now and I would rather sit back and let this whole thing play out than try to force the issue by not 'excreta in nido' if I may mangle the Latin.

  7. "What does "selection process" mean?"

    It will mean a significant tree change.


    Whether this is reflected prior to,,, or post any official esi announcement will depend.

    Depend on what ?

    imo a number of things .

    Depend on when ?

    imo a number of things.

    e&oe RD

  8. SP3

    14,836 posts.


    I think a lot of people are confused with the ALDP process particularly with some of the terms being thrown around.

    Applicants are expecting confirmation on two phases going forward.

    The first confirmation is "letter of offer" and the other confirmation is "execution of funding agreement".

    Based on the latest update on the DPI website, they are talking about outcome. To me this is in relation to"execution of funding agreement".

    So where ECT says they have not been notified as to whether they have been selected, to me, this means they have no funding agreement yet nor have they been told that they are out. However, there is a possibility ECT has a letter of offer to commence negotiations with a view to receiving funding via a funding agreement. Do you agree?

  9. arion

    3,955 posts.

    Sideways, as you say..

    "The most interesting thing that happened last week imo was that the only company that found it necessary to call a TH (in haste and urgency) while the DPI web page mess got sorted out was ECT. And it would have done the same if the Age story had not ambushed them, imo. "

    The 24 hrs TH was not necesery IMO .
    As we all know was a mistake from DPI , ECT should had put out a letter from DPI , and not an explanation from ECT .

    What they afraid of , and twice so far stop trading .??

    Is there anything to do with the SP ??

    All IMO

  10. sideways

    1,716 posts.

    Hi Arion,

    I read back over my post and wondered if I might be going a little bit mad.

    The whole ALDP situation as it stands is an enigma wrapped in a paradox and shrouded in a conundrum. IMO ... for example:

    The DPI website says:

    Please note: Information placed on this website on 14 August 2013 has been removed.

    The department advises that the selection process is still in progress in relation to the outcome of the Advanced Lignite Development Program (ALDP).

    The department can confirm that no applicant has been advised of any outcome in relation to the ALDP.

    Is the devil in the detail?

    Has anyone on these threads ever noticed the word 'Development' being accidently used instead of the official 'Demonstration' in certain communications at various times?

    Who worded or helped to word the DPI response? Now that's really nuts?

    But more sanely,

    Is 'no applicant has been advised of any outcome' code for no letters have been sent?

    Why did the Department not explicitly contradict the 'mistake' by clearly stating here, unambiguously, that no letters have been sent out?

    Part of ECT's response:

    'The Company elected to enter a trading halt on the basis it believed the information on the government website could have led to a false market due to it appearing on an official source without matching confirmation from the Department.

    The Company continues to await the outcome of the ALDP.'

    What does 'matching confirmation' actually mean?

    Isn't the 'official source' the DPI which is 'the Department'?

    Does ECT say that the 'information on the government website' that was taken down was incorrect?

    What would be the consequences of a 'false market' like the one that Tom Arup created, if it wasn't so 'false' but just badly timed, and so could not so easily swing back DOWN to its desired level of .008c ???

    What's going on?

  11. Surges

    2,868 posts.

    That initiation of negotiations is exactly what I referred to and am of the opinion has been recently initiated.

    That offer letter to commence funding agreements which will be announced in three months time ( coinciding with the estimated public statement by the DPI website by end of the year, estimated Nov, in my opinion ) is a direct endorsement of the technology and our company and would mean that funding is very likely indeed, but not yet guaranteed.

    I would expect 4 companies received an invitation to commence negotiations, explaining the tree change as can be seen for ESI already in place with shares being taken off 0.9 and 1 cents, stacking massively ongoing on the low price up to 0.4 cent.

    That to me does not indicate that those stacking at those levels expect price to hit that level but to build positive momentum for the rally which should unfold as soon as market has a clear understanding that the offer letter definitely has been sent.

    That is only days away, as I see it.
    Most of us had expected the anticipation rally to commence in June, it has been quite a wait but I think we are close.

    I expect silence from ECT management from now on forward as they eliminated unfair trading advantage by stating that they have not received any correspondence from DPI.

    They needed to clarify this as they are not allowed to announce the offer letter reception which introduces the actual funding arrangements, they are only allowed to announce the rejection.

    It is no wonder that the broader market has entirely lost the grip of what is going on with ECT in regards to the ALDP, whereas when one familiarises oneself with the process, indirect confirmation of receiving this offer letter has been now given.

    This is the only explanation why DPI website has shown the finalisation of the selection process and statement of companies being notified.
    The quick withdrawal of the information and the introduction of a new schedule surrounding the selection process is nothing but a fix of a leak, as I see it.

    Through the trading halt ECT was able to eliminate all unfair trading advantage as they repeated the wording from the DPI website.

    It was always going to be tricky to deduct whether we have received the offer letter, the glitch within the DPI procedures allowed us to have a short glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes, similar to the image of the coldry plant which was quickly taken off the AGL website earlier this year.

  12. Surges

    2,868 posts.

    It is in the wording sideways, I believe you are correct.

    Simply put yourself in the shoes of the minister who needs to fix a leak.

    Nobody sane would assume one deluded person would have hacked the DPI website and placed the letter confirmation on it.
    The wording within the update was in line with the wording for all other statements, it was authentic.

    I would also not believe that it was placed there by mistake.
    Why would somebody write this notice if this was not representing what was going on ?
    We do not talk about a spelling mistake here but a detailed information of selection finalisation.

    The wording from both ECT management and DPI website carefully avoid that letters were not sent as they can not openly lie!

    You picked correctly the ambiguity in the wording devised to protect the secrecy of the program, eliminate unfair trading advantages and smooth out a very embarrassing leak of confidential information by somebody who was not properly briefed within the department.

  13. arion

    3,955 posts.

    "What would be the consequences of a 'false market' like the one that Tom Arup created, if it wasn't so 'false' but just badly timed, and so could not so easily swing back DOWN to its desired level of .008c ???
    What's going on ? "

    You and Mithrams thinking the same as I do .
    But the last thing we need now is to create a story of *prefabricated share trading*

    IMO our interests will be better served if we let things come to an end .

    All IMO

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