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Why should you choose HotCopper?

HotCopper offers a unique opportunity for advertisers to connect directly with an educated and financially affluent audience using both website and direct email marketing.

Australia's largest stock market forum

HotCopper is Australia's largest and most popular online stock market discussion forum. With over 250,000 members, more than 200,000 unique visitors every month, and a huge 21 million page impressions every month, Hotcopper is the best way to reach an audience of savvy investors.

Reach an audience of active investors

Built around a large online community, HotCopper offers a platform for open discussion between enthusiastic share traders, investors and market observers. Our members have a higher than average income, are primarily male, own share portfolios and are active traders.

  • 94% own a share portfolio
  • 74% have an income of more than $100K
  • 34% are business owners
  • 28% trade more than once per week
  • 80% use an online broker
  • 72% are male
  • Average time on site is 14 minutes

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